Week 2

Happy Late Birthday Ben!

I’m feeling great this week. I’m loving teaching the lessions and I could use prayers for patience with learning Spanish.

I eat healthy and take my vitamins every morning and most nights.
Spiritually I’m doing great. The Spirit is everywhere here. Physically I’m doing awesome. We have time to exercise everyday and sometimes I go running in the morning with elder Martin (my district leader’s comp.). Emotionally I’m excited but tired as well – it’s hard work every day but it’s fun. Mentally I’m good. I’m always exhausted mentally at the end of the day but sleep, exercise, and listening to the Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox is refreshing. We only get to go to the temple twice in the MTC and I’m not likely to go ever in the field which makes me all the more grateful for it.
We got to go to the temple last week and it was amazing! Here are some pics.




You can’t tell but that moth is about as big as Leo’s head
Love you guys so much!
Elder Goddard

Week 1 in Mexico City




Hey, sorry I didn’t email last Thursday, they said we could email every P-day which is Thursday but we didn’t get our first Thursday off.

I’m having an awesome time here and learning so much Spanish, I think I’ve learned more Spanish here in a week and a half than I did all school year.

The food is actually pretty good and there’s plenty of variety.

My comp. is awesome, his name is Elder Christopherson and he comes from California. He knows Spanish really well but has a speech impediment but I’m so proud of him for coming out here to teach anyways. Our district leader is Elder Davis, he’s great.

General conference was awesome, I especially like Dale G Renlund’s talk in which he made the rocket analogy about the priesthood.

I love you guys and miss you so much but I wouldn’t go home for a billion pesos, I know why I’m out here and am having some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

We get to go to the temple today and I’m super excited. thanks so much for the care packages and I cant wait to hear from and email you next week!


Elder Goddard

Arrived in Mexico City!

Hey guys, Im pretty much all settled in. This is almost the most fun ive ever had, getting to know the other elders and talking about where we are going after the CCM. Ill send some pictures back on Thursday which is my P-day.

Lots of Love
– Sincerely,
Elder Goddard

Support my Eagle Scout Project

Most families in Nepal use open fires for cooking and heating, which leads to respiratory disease and burn injuries. For my Eagle Scout project, I’m raising money to pay for vented stoves for the under-priveleged. Each vented stove costs $125. I’m flying to Nepal April 30 to install these stoves with my Dad and brother Sam.

You can help me raise funds by donating (below)!



We wept tears of joy as we drove away from the hospital yesterday. Leo saw his first sunshine and breathed in the fresh air. The sky never looked so blue.
When Abi met him, she waved at him and was sad he wasn’t waving back, then he lifted his hand and waved back. His brothers and sisters stayed home from school and soaked him in.
We’ve never been more grateful to be in our home surrounded by our beautiful family.
We met as a family 10 days ago where we prayed to know when God wanted Leo to come home, then we made promises to God and made posters as reminders. We thank God for making this miracle happen.
Thank you Sherri for your great coaching. We thank the neonatologists, MDs, nurses for their skilled care. Thank you H. Wallace and Nancy T. and Susan for loving and supporting our family so much during this time. Thank YOU for your prayers – we know Leo is home now because of them.

Free at Last


Max hit a huge milestone today – he went skiing!! Max raced Sam down the mountain several times (and won every time).
He might have looked to people like just another skier. What they couldn’t see under his ski clothes is Max’s lion heart, his persistence in physical therapy and wearing his braces and cast faithfully for 4 months.
Skiing again has been his goal for months. It’s deeply meaningful because it represents success in gaining full range of motion!
As we soared down the slopes today, unfettered by contractures or casts, I wanted to cry out,
“Free at Last,
Free at Last,
Thank God Almighty,
We’re free at last!”

On the Road


Update on Max: The doctors say he is on the road to full recovery! We are so grateful for Max’s diligence with wearing his splints and doing his physical therapy! Dr. Lewis was right when she told us that recovery from a burn is 10% surgery and 90% therapy. Max’s therapists told him that at his rate, he could be on the slopes in March! Go Max!
Many thanks to my Mom and Dad for loving on our kids while Natalie and I went to Jamaica for a week.
Thank you for all your prayers and faith. God is good!



The other day, Max was taking a bath and Abi insisted on jumping in with him and washing his feet.
Max’s doctors say that his recovery is 10% surgery, and 90% physical therapy. So he continues to stretch and heal every day. The miracle is that his grafts have no more open wounds, which means he can do way more stretching at this phase than he could before. His donor sites, which are on his back, still give him grief. But we are grateful for the gracious gifts of life and breath!


What a power week full of miracles!
*Max’s third and final surgery complete!! (So grateful to not be planning our life around hospital stays and just focusing on 2-3 1/2day trips to the hospital each week:) easy!)
*Home together by Monday night because Max did so well!
*Andy & I spent a few much needed days together to reflect, recoup, and focus on each other- love my king!!
*Our children all helped each other, got along so well, and had such a great time with their grandparents that I literally cried at the load of love I received coming home Saturday night(makes a mom so proud)!!
*Amazing elves decorated our home for Christmas so we came home to magic!
*Sweet phone calls from friends and visits from caring teachers just made it all sweeter!
*So grateful for Grandparents that retired just in time for our biggest season of need! And give of themselves fully and lovingly from doing daily Max care to countless one on ones with our precious ones!
*S good majority of us learned how to knit hats today to fit our more peaceful Christmas service needs this year!
*Soaked up the Christmasdevo# tonight and loved it! “If Jesus needed certain experiences, might we also require challenges?” Bring on the challenges! Ready for a new week!