Jan 1 – Jan 24



Had a very relaxed P-day, nobody was out in the streets. Wrote, ate and talked with the sisters. Stopped by some members’ houses to talk and play card games.

Yesterday all of our appointments fell so we looked for less actives but only 1 of 15 answered the door. It was a kid and he said we could pass by at 8:30 (2 hours later). We stopped by at 8:30ish and he had left and his mom told us she didn’t want to hear us. We tried to share briefly the things we have in common (as churches) but she didn’t like the experience she had with the last missionaries. Only 30 seconds after she had closed the door

The ZL’s came and did the monthly inspection to make sure the house is clean and our72 hour kits are ready and we got to eat with them. Stopped by less active members and contacted

Only 30 seconds after she had closed the door leaving us in the rain (light), somebody called to us from across the road saying that someone in the little shop there wanted to talk to us. We went in and the wonderful little woman who owned the shop and her family (the shop is also their house), asked us about where we are from and why we are here. We ended up having a great talk about the importance of God and the family. Today all 3 of the appointments we had fell through with the exception of Margory who is progressing lots, has great questions, and shows real interest. We did some great contacting with Amo Jaime (I’ve been spelling his name wrong), and had a meeting at 7 with all the Joranel leaders. President talked about goals and work and was inspiring for 25 minutes before everybody started to argue about whether the topic for the next meeting should be about the importance of fathers or service. They argued for the rest of the meeting and then some and we finally left at 9:15. Me and Elder Ferrell talked about what we can do for the ward and the investigators and went to bed.
I am choosing to be happy and patient and trust that God will help us heal the ward.
The ZLs came and did the monthly inspection to make sure the house is clean and our 72 hour kits are ready. We got to eat with them. We stopped by less active members to set appointments and contacted until 7 (Zumba). On the way back to the house, after Zumba, we met a drunk (there are lots out on the street at night), who tried to convince us to give him our placks. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

Yes! The sisters had an appointment with Hermana Ruth and she opined up a lot and is on track to be baptized next Saturday. Also, her daughter (the 12 year old) wants to get baptized too, which is crazy because she has not paid attention at all in our past appointments. Super excited for next week but hope we don’t have cambios.

Had a long correlation with the Ward Mission Leader and made some great plans. Waite3d for Hermana Katy at the capilla but she didn’t show up so we talked with Hermano Jaime and Elder Ferrell shared his testimony with his daughter and invited her to read Enos and ask of God. We had a great weekly planning session and got some great studying done. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

After lunch, we talked lots with the papitos about the ward, cambios and the mission.
After, we stopped by potential investigators and Maria Jose and Ricardo, but nob ody was home. We came home at 9 to have cambios. I would have been really nervous, but earlier that day, (writing this Monday) we were in church and while praying for peace about cambios, I felt like I should ready my patriarchal blessing. I turned to the second page and started reading and in the 4th paragraph I read, “You shall also on occasion move from one area to another. This is so you can be of help to certain people.” I felt great peace and comfort and so when President Isom called. I wasn’t nervous or scared. I was actually excited to see where I would go. I’m super excited for Por Venir and Elder Gutierrez! I am going to miss Elder Ferrell and the members and investigators, but I trust God to send me where I can best serve Him.

Had an awesome day with the hermanas and elders of Dalcahue, made hamburgers, played darts, and talked. We got back just in time for our N delH and finished late so we didn’t have much tinme to write so we’ll do more tomorrow. Can’t wait for Por Venir!

We had an early district meeting and talked lots and wrote in each others’ farewell journals. Then we spent the rest of the day passing by members and saying goodbye. Just finished packing my stuff and am really going to miss Elder Ferrell and the Papitos. C.S. Lewis “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Sometimes in the midst of change we forget that whatever is happening is happening because that is the next step or test from our Father.

Wow, had a crazy day! Left Ancud. Arrived in Puero Mont, left Puerto Mont, arrived in Punta Arenas and am staying the night here with Gutierrez and the elders of Ovejero before leaving for Por Venir tomorrow. Gutierrez is awesome and I’m super excited for Por Venir!

Had an awesome day! We left on the barge at 9:30 and got to Porvenir at 11:30 before taking a short taxi ride to our casa, which is awesome! We got right to work, passing by investigators and less actives. We had an appointment with a Brazillian in which we talked about the Sabbath and after had correlation with the ward mission leader. Had another appointment with some recent convert in which we talked about the temple and sealing. The sun set at a little after 11.

I am getting along very well with Elder Gutierrez. We are teaching each other our native language and even though he has almost finished his mission, he works very hard.
We had a talk with an evangelical woman and her husband about our beliefs. We tried to start with a prayer and invite the spirit, but she would not allow us to pray and only wanted to argue and tell us that our version of the Bible is translated incorrectly. I felt absolutely terrible in her little shop. I was not sick or hungry. I realized that what I was feeling was the lack of the spirit. I have grown so accustomed to praying so often and sharing the truth of this message that it was painful not to be able to. Elder and I talked after about how we can do our part and try to bring the spirit, but the person must accept it for themselves and listen to the spirit. We talked about religion and the state of the world in general, about how sad it is that we cannot save those who are lost, and of how critical agency is in God’s plan. I am glad I have a companion with which I can talk about so many gospel subjects and am loving trying to teach him English. Looking forward to an awesome day tomorrow!

Had a great Sunday though none of our investigators showed up. I gave a talk in church about the Atonement and Elder Gutierrez gave a talk about service. We talked about preordination and blessings in what is normally principles of the gospel. After church, we ate and visited some less active members to help strengthen their testimonies. Also, yesterday I forgot to write but we had an awesome day and at 8:30 pm made 3 new investigators! They consisted of a 21-year old and his sister and cousin. We talked about eternal families and the blessings of church attendance. They all seemed very interested. Can wait for an awesome P-day!

We’re staying the night in Punta Arenas because we had interviews with President today and the barcasa doesn’t leave until 9 tomorrow. The interview was great. We talked about how we can be prepared to receive the most from Elder Christofferson who is coming the 17th of February. I’m loving working with Elder Gutierrez. He is still excited about the work and seeing lots of progress in our investigators. Also, we went to the Mirador (viewpoint) on bikes (it’s 20 km away) and took some awesome photos.

Had an awesome day! We were finally an able to have a lesson with Maria Espinoa and
Alan and they opened up a lot. Maria said she supports Alan in everything including when he thinks he is ready to be baptized but he doesn’t think he’ll be ready until he’s 14 (he is 11 right now). He’s going to accompany us to church this Sunday and hopefully the baptism that is planned for next Saturday. I’m already loving the people here and I’m getting used to the constant wind. Having an awesome time with Elder Gutierrez!

Had a great Sunday, ate, taught, and strengthened members. A Sister gave a great talk about self-sufficiency and the importance of parents. We ate with a member family and shared a message about being strong together against Satan’s attacks, after we stopped by an investigators house and brought “Los testamontosla,” a film of what transpired in the Americas during Christ’s life. As we watched my testimony was strengthened and it was wonderful to see the investigator’s understanding grow and hear her comments on the importance of being prepared for the Second Coming of Christ.

I realized this week that I was no longer looking forward to P-days so much. I enjoy P-days and having time to read more, but it is kind of unexciting without appointments and work to do.

Had a great experience today, learning to appreciate the little everyday miracles. We had an appointment with Jackson in which we started teaching his brother Jack. During the lesson, which was on families and temples, a woman who lives in one of the rooms of the shared house asked if she could listen while we taught. We explained briefly the basics and continued teaching while she listened intently. At the end of the lesson, she explained that she had been baptized 10 years ago but didn’t understand well and was not active. We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and Book of Mormon and invited her to church. We asked her when we could meet next and she agreed to meet the next time we have a lesson with Jackson. Loving seeing the miracles of the mission. God works miracles every day.

Week 12


Had a great P-day. Went to the penguin and took some amazing photos of the penguins and a natural arch. Emailed with the family, Alan, and Mace. Looking forward to this week and Ruth’s baptism next week.

Today was a great learning experience. We finished our studies and headed to bishop’s house to eat and didn’t bring our coats or umbrellas because it had been really sunny the past few days and was only a little overcast. We were about 5 minutes from arriving at our appointment, which was far away when our appointment called us and said she had decided she did not want to hear us then or later. We said a short prayer asking what to do and it started to rain. We started passing by old contacts and trying to make new ones but nobody answered their doors. It started to rain harder so we said another prayer and stopped by the neighbor of a member, for the second time that day someone opened the door. We told her briefly about Light the World and she said she didn’t want to hear more and closed the door. We kept contacting with the knowledge that at least at 7 we would have a night of. We stopped by a really devout evangelical lady and she explained her religion and answered our questions but she didn’t want to hear anything about the lessons. We called Hermana Chavez to make sure we were still going to have Home Evening because it wasn’t a nice day. The Hermanas called and invited us to another Family Home Evening on the other side (literally) of Ancud. We got there and talked and ate with a nice member and finished the day well. Through all the rain, wind, and lack of success. It was hard not to feel down but I remember that being happy is a decision and had a great time talking about the people and plans for tomorrow. You may be in part a victim of your circumstances but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them.

What an awesome day! We had a great district meeting and splits!! We did lots of contacting and made some great contacts. We were walking home and said hello to a lady walking in the other direction. We stopped to share with her and she listened(really unusual). She explained that she was going through some really hard stuff and wanted to learn more about our church and felt God had sent us to help her. We’re going to pass by her house Saturday and share about prayer and hopefully help her out.

Great day, made some really good contacts with Elder Neira and had a great lunch with momita. We changed back to normal companions and me and Elder Ferrell planned for tomorrow and had correlation meeting with the ward mission leader. The Hermanas had a great lesson with an awesome investigator and we stayed in the chapel and did studies so they could teach him. Looking forward to teaching Marcela and English classes tomorrow.

I threw up my lunch yesterday, woke up terribly sick with a headache and fever, nobody came to English classes, our investigator had a terrible experience at church and when we stopped by earlier today, she said she never wanted to go back to the chapel. And all but 1 of our appointments fell through. I could think of everything that happened today and be terribly frustrated or want to go home, but I am choosing to be patient and trust in God and keep working. God sends us experiences like this to help us grow. As Neal A. Maxwell said, “How could there be refining fires without enduring some heat.”

I’m feeling lots better today, a good nights sleep helped a lot. It’s frustrating when someone says that they are going to come to church the night before and promises that they the desire to come and take the sacrament and feel the spirit and then they don’t. But we’ll keep at it and keep praying for Hector & Daniela. Had a great Family Night with Adolfina who is our other little momma that takes care of us.

Usually at the start of a new year, we make resolutions to stop doing things, to start doing others, or to make some change in order to improve our lives. This New Years, I’d like to invite you to follow a resolution making process a very wise friend once shared with me.
This friend asked if there was something in my life that wasnt necessarily bad – maybe it was good or better but wasn’t best. And how much I valued that thing, if it had a positive or negative effect on me, and if I wasn’t willing to give it up to become closer to God. Is that habit or time spent on something of lesser value really worth keeping in your life if it isn’t bringing you closer to the God? Is it worth it to give up something small and terestrial for something celestial? It need not be grand but if it allows you to study the scriptures for a few minutes more or visit the temple more often, I promise you it is worth it.
Lots of love,
Elder Goddard

Week 11

Awesome day! We did some contacting and then headed to the capilla for our appointment with Hermana Ruth. We got there early and got everything ready but she still hasn’t arrived 20 minutes after of the lesson was supposed to start. We said our short prayer and went outside capilla. She showed up only a few minutes later. We sat down and started teaching the word of wisdom something because if she wanted to be baptized Saturday she had to have had taken all the lessons and we still have 2.5 to teach her. She shared that she really like coffee but that she was willing to stop it if it meant she could be baptized. This may not seem like a big thing but here in Chile everyone is always drinking either coffee or mate. We talked a lot of chastity and typing next and she accepted to keep them. Even though her kids were being really loud and disturbing dreams a lesson we can still feel the spirit and focus on the lesson. Next we had a lesson with her Hermana Pilar. We started teaching the restoration and she explained her beliefs about God, the importance of service, and being accountable and self-sufficient. It was one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve heard her, the way in which she lives her life is already amazingly Christlike. She inspired me to change the way I live when I get back, and never to put blame on God where our circumstances or misfortune.
Had a great District meeting today in which we talk about how there is no “secret” to baptizing. The important thing is to have faith and work hard. Hermana Ruth had her baptismal interview and could not remember some things about Joseph Smith and the Restoration so we are going to postpone the baptism till next week to give us some time to review and make sure she is ready. We did lots of contacting today and had our first lesson with Marylin, she seemed pretty interested and we’re going to meet with her again this Sunday.
Awesome day! We contacted tons, found some really nice people, had a great Zumba, and saw a football game. We stopped by Maritza and Jannet’s house and cut all their firewood. There was a lot but it was super fun and he helped me to remember that one of the reasons we are here is to serve. My companion (Elder Ferrell) shared some of his goals with me and taught me how he makes goals (it was super inspiring.)
It was kind of a slow day but that only means we’re laying the ground work for a great tomorrow. We taught Hermana Ruth a really simple lesson about prayer and repentance and she seemed to understand it. We stopped by lots of investigators houses with Hermana Jyme but nobody was home because it was a holiday of some kind. We cut grass at Roberto’s house and then had Noche de Hogar  with Hermana Netti and her sons. Some days are slow and that’s not necessarily bad but it’s easy to let lack of immediate visible results get you down, just remember that some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come till heaven(paraphrased by Jeffrey R. Holland) so be patient and keep working and praying.
Was a slow day with few people answering the door but we made 1 good contact who seems interested and taught Maria Jose the plan of salvation and she said she would come to church tomorrow if she got any sleep (she was going to have friends over later.)
For the most part it was a slow day, not many people were home and almost every cita fell, but this morning was awesome. 

Week 10

Wow – what a week! At the beginning of this week, I was a little disanimated as almost all of our citas (appointments) had fallen, Hermana Frerichs and Elder Trujillo had just had cambios (transfers), and we hadn’t found many new investigators. But by the end of the week, I could hardly contain my excitement! Tuesday, on the way to a contact’s house, a lady stopped us asking for directions to the capilla (chapel) and explained that she had been inactive for 14 years, but wanted to start coming back to church and bring her kids with her! Thursday we had an investigator accept baptism and set a date. After Zumba (every Thursday we have Zumba for anyone who wants to come because obesity is a big problem here) a friend that a member had brought asked us if she could have some reading material to find out more about the church and we gave her the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets. Just five minutes later we saw her sitting outside the capilla reading intently. Sunday we decided that we needed to drop a lot of our investigators who are not progressing and haven’t been for a while now and focus on finding new investigators that will progress. I recall a quote by Jeffery R. Holland:
“Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.”
I know that as we are patient, prayerful, and faithful blessings will come.

Elder Goddard



Week 9

This Thanksgiving was actually great. We worked hard all day and, even though almost all our appointments fell through, we kept contacting and talking about our Thanksgiving family traditions. It was really fun.
I love you guys so much and pray for you every night. I got to share the Neal Maxwell kaleidoscope quote with somebody here who’s having a hard time and I thought I’d like to share it with more people too. Love you all.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 4.15.45 PM

Week 8 – Every Member a Missionary


Wow this week flew by. The language is coming great. I’m studying hard and understanding more everyday.

We have 9 progressing investigators and have lots of future investigators. The work here is kind of slow because people forget we have appointments or are busy so we have to come back later and because there were some really chueco (disobedient) missionaries several years back who set a bad example, the people don’t have a great opinion of us. But since then, there have been lots of great missionaries who have been great examples and started to change that opinion and we’re working to do the same. Last week, we talked with the Hermanas about how we can strengthen the ward and inspire the members to help with missionary work and since then have been doing lots of Noche de Hogars (family home evenings) with the members and inviting them to help. It’s been super great to get to know the ward and see the members helping each other out.

It’s really cold here which makes it hard to get up in the mornings, but me and my comp both love running and have to find some way to keep from getting fat from all the food Momita feeds us so we get up and run to a really pretty beach every morning. It’s beautiful! From the beach, you can see lots of little islands and the fishermen’s boats out on the water.

Last night we watched the Face to Face live in the capilla (chapel) and before it started we got some amazing pictures of the sunset which ill send when I get them.

I had an amazing experience this week while we were having a Noche de Hogar with some non-members. The member we brought with us shared his testimony and some of his experiences learning why there are trials in this life (the investigator’s child is blind from a brain tumor and only has a year or 2 to live) and even though I couldn’t understand everything he was saying, I felt how strong his spirit was and the confidence he had in the Lord. Seeing this member testify was super amazing and later that night, I remembered part of a quote that somebody shared in one of the CCM talks “Why every member a missionary? Because that is what the Lord has asked us to do.” -Elder Richard G. Scott 

I encourage those of you who are of age to serve a mission. It is the most amazing, inspiring, growing experiences I’ve had and I’m not even 2 months in. If the mission isn’t for you or you’re too young or too old or have already served, remember that you as a member can be a missionary in your own neighborhood. Remember that missionary work isn’t just finding new investigators; it’s serving and strengthening in whatever way you can. You can be a missionary to your friends, family, and ward.


Elder Goddard

Week 7 – Arrived in Osorno, Chile!


Wow, the first week in the field has been awesome.

I arrived in Osorno and was welcomed by President Isom and his wife who are pretty much the kindest most inspiring fatherly/motherly mission presidents that have ever been. We stayed 1 night in Osorno and I got to know some of the other missionaries there and go out contacting for my first time to get a feel for it.

We had a great meal with all the new missionaries and the president then got on a bus to Castro. At the terminal in Castro I met my trainer who is an adventure loving, super energetic, very fun missionary. I am so happy I got such a great trainer! We got on a bus for Chilóe and talked about how awesome the mission is and what the island is like (Chilóe is an island!). After a while the bus drove onto a barge and I soon got my first view of Chilóe! It’s absolutely beautiful, green rolling hills, miles of beaches, and cute little houses.


We dropped off my bags at the house before heading over to Momitas where we ate a very late lunch. Momita is a member of the ward who is paid to feed us every day (except Sunday and Monday) for lunch except she makes so much food that lunch is the only meal we ever eat. I got to know her family and who are so awesome, they have helped me a lot with my Spanish.

The week flew by, I got to go visit some of the investigators and members plus some contacting and I’m loving it. This morning we (me, Elder Ferrell, the sister missionaries, and the other elders from Dalcalue) took a bus south and saw some really amazing waterfalls and got lots of pictures but I forgot my camera and I’ll have to have the sister missionaries send me the photos.

I love it here and there is so much work to be done. My Spanish is far from perfect but its progressing every day and I have faith in the Lord to help me.

Love you all!

Week 5: Spiritual Experience & Going to the Field


On Monday we had an amazing devotional given by President Bennet and his wife about the plan of Salvation and how sacred the temple ordinances are. They bore their testimonies and we all felt the Spirit really strong.

Wow! It’s crazy to think I’ve already been gone for so long. I can’t wait to get out in the field.

I had an amazing experience this week when I was teaching a lesson and I felt the Spirit really strong and whereas normally I have to think about/plan out what words I’m going to say in Spanish, this time I was teaching the plan of salvation and I forgot all about planning out what to say or translating over in my head from English and just started talking about the plan, our divine potential, and about life after death. I felt an enormous love for my investigator and desire for him to experience the same joy that I did. It was wonderful.

Another blessing this week is that Elder Christopherson didn’t have to go home – his blood pressure is still very high but the doctor wants to make sure he really needs to go home. They gave him another kind of medication that seemed to work at first but like the previous medication it quickly stopped helping and he went from 133/93 to 157/91. Earlier today we went back to the lab and he had his blood taken to check for what the cause might be and well get the results tomorrow which is likely when we will find out if he is going home or not. Please continue to pray for him.

I love you all so much and encourage you to serve a mission, I know I’m only a little over a month in, but I’ve already learned so much and had so many amazing experiences.

Elder Goddard

Week 5 – Prayer Request for My Companion


We watched Elder Hales’ funeral last week. And this was an interesting week. On Monday we had an amazing devotional given by President Bennet and his wife about the plan of Salvation and how sacred the temple ordinances are. They bore their testimonies and we all felt the Spirit really strong.



I got the pumpkin pie my parents sent on Tuesday and we had a party and ate it for breakfast yesterday.

Me and Elder Christopherson got to leave the compound (CCM) because he had to get a blood sample taken, he has had unusually high blood pressure ever since we got here. We got back and had an amazing devotional broadcast from the Provo MTC. Wednesday was going great until we went to the Infermaria just before dinner to get the results from the test. Elder Pugmire (the head doctor here) said that the tests were perfect and that the high blood pressure was not causing any problems with his organs but that because the blood pressure has not returned to normal even after taking medication once then twice daily he would likely have to return home until he could get the blood pressure problem under control. I have started fasting for him and I invite you to include him in your prayers. He is an amazing missionary with a powerful testimony and a great desire to serve. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Love you all and encourage you to choose to serve a mission if you are of age, it will bless your life tremendously.

Elder Goddard