He Carries Us

A few of the miracles we saw today:
Max is off of antibiotics(turned out that positive culture was just common bacteria from his mouth)
Max’s arms are open wide to receive all the blessings that Heaven has to offer (and it will help give him keep full range of motion)
He is breathing like a champ.
Pain medications that help support Max through this most painful time of his healing as his donor skin sites begin to heal and his skin grafts take fully.

John Canaan came and sang these sweet words to Max:

Consider the lilies of the field
How they grow, how they grow
Consider the birds in the sky
How they fly, how the fly

Consider the sweet, tender children
Who must suffer on the earth
The pains of all of them he carried
From the day of his birth

He clothes the lilies of the field
He feeds the lambs in his fold
And he will feed those who trust him
And make their hearts as gold

Lots of love and prayers still flowing to keep us all safe & peaceful.
Angelic help at every turn (my sweet sister Susan, Kathy’s constant presence at every turn, Spencer, Daniel, Lorene, Rachel, Katelyn, Tiffany…)

Successful Surgery

Max’s surgery went great! Dr. Lewis gave a full report and said his heart and lungs did very well the whole time. They took skin from his thighs to put on his neck, chest, arms, and hands. With the skin grafts in place, Max’s body can now take on the task of recovering and healing!

I weep with gratitude for the miracle of modern medicine. Without it, we would not have our sweet boy with us. Here are just a few of the miracles that have sustained and supported our Miracle Max:

  • Trained doctors, nurses, technicians, & surgeons
  • World-class facilities (& helicopters) with high standards
  • Feeding tube, breathing tube & ventilator
  • Monitoring (Heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Drugs (for pain management, sedation, infection, etc.)
  • Skin grafts

I try to imagine all the people and passion and trials and error it took to culminate in the miracle of modern medicine. I’m so grateful for this country that incentivizes improvements in technology and care. We are so blessed.

Several times today, I broke down in tears as I felt the prayers of all the people (known and unknown) for my sweet boy.

New Request

In October of 2011, Natalie was taking the lid off a pan and scalded her hand. She ran it under cold water. It was Max who came to the rescue with natural solutions, which took the pain and redness away almost immediately. While she lay down and rested, Max drew her this picture:


We found a scan of this drawing yesterday. Notice how the living/green side is overtaking the scalded side of the hand. We are so humbled by Max’s wise and caring nature.

Today has been a day of many joys and sorrows. The doctors are confident that the dead skin must be removed and replaced with skin grafts from Max’s other good skin. As a mother, my heart cries out for the perfection to come back to the perfect little boy I bore into this world.

I plead with Heaven to heal the skin on his hands, his neck, and torso. But if not, we will believe still. He will heal still. Oh have mercy, and send us healing and peace.

Max goes in surgery tomorrow at 10 am. We ask for your faith that his surgeon, Dr. Lewis, will be guided.

Thank you in advance. We feel your prayers and your love.

Miracle Max

Our first day in the hospital, we remembered the story of Max’s birth. We went in for the checkup and the ultrasound showed extremely low amniotic fluid. They admitted us to the hospital, and we got ready to have our baby. When the doctor went to break Natalie’s water, nothing came out. There was no amniotic fluid. But Max came out healthy and strong. We nicknamed him “Miracle Max.” I designed this little business card and website for him:

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 6.52.21 PM

Since we came to the hospital last Wednesday, we’ve been saying, “It’s time to do it again, Miracle Max!”

Here are today’s miracles:

  • Decreased fluid in his lungs
  • New skin buds on his chest

Here are the miracles we are attracting:

  • Healthy, independent breathing
  • More healing of his skin



We are so grateful for the progress we see today:

  • Max’s bowels worked for the first time today since the accident!
  • His chemistry was all within range
  • The x-ray of Max’s chest is looking better – his fluids have come down

We thank a loving Father for the incredible staff here, for the gifts of the earth, for modern medicine, and for the power of prayer.

Thank you for all your continued prayers that:

  1. His lungs continue to clear
  2. His skin continues to heal

Fasting and Prayer

Thank you for overwhelming shower of faith and prayers! At 9:00 am today, we felt like we stepped into a column of pure light!

Here are the miracles today:

1. During the changing of the dressing, Dr. L. said that Max’s 3rd degree burns are more like 25%, not the 30% they originally thought.

2. Max’s swelling has come down significantly. He can now open his eyes!

3. The burns require an environment that is moist and antibacterial. Up until last night, we would mist his body once a day with a combination of natural solutions and then they would apply Silvadene creme with silver in it. We were feeling like Max needed more and wasn’t getting enough for the level of healing that he was ready for. We explored options together. We were both frustrated and couldn’t see another way. Natalie said a silent prayer that angels could work with the doctor and the head nurse to inspire them. The head nurse suddenly blurted out, what if we use the Sulfur irrigation method that we use after skin grafts. This method uses tubes with holes to literally irrigate and carry an antibacterial solution to the burns. So last night, they switched from the dressings being a Silvadene cream to this “irrigation” method. First, they put gauze on the burns, then liquid in rubber tubes with holes in them, then medical bandages. They are allowing us to pour our the mixture through the rubber tubes every 4 hours (and we just transitioned to every 2 hours!!) instead of applying natural solutions once per day with the Silvadene!

4. He is breathing better than ever. He is rocking at 60% ventilation support. His target is 40% and clear lungs to say good bye to the ventilator.

5. Overall, Max’s body is stabilizing from the burn. His pH and SATs are good, and he is making progress towards coming off the ventilator. However, his lungs are starting to fill with liquid, which delays his ability to breathe on his own.

Many have asked if Max is conscious. He is being sedated for several reasons
1. He has a tube down his throat
2. He has a feeding tube down his nose
3. He has 6 other tubes going into his body
4. His body is in a lot of pain, and heals better while sedated

If he weren’t sedated, he would try to pull the tubes out. He can still hear everything around him and is somewhat responsive. About 2 times per day, he opens his eyes and we can ask him a couple questions. He’ll respond by shaking or nodding his head or gesturing with his arms. Then he’ll fade back to sleep. Every time we ask him if he’s in pain, he shakes his head that he isn’t. Almost every nurse Max has had has said he’s the best patient they’ve ever had. He even gave a thumbs up once. They love him and feel the brilliance of who he is.

If you’re still up to it, we invite your continued prayers for:
1. Bowels to start moving
2. Lungs to clear up
3. More skin to be healed.

We have a vision of Max whole in every way: body, mind, and spirit. That is who our boy is. Whatever that is to look like now we accept AND we claim every blessing for this amazing young man. There are moments it feels like he may be going through this to help many others who are suffering know a better way.


Today we had angelic help from nurses, doctors, gifted massage & energy workers, and very knowledgable dear friends. I have felt a little anxious that there was more we could do all along, but couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was. Then we explored long enough with some incredibly willing & capable physicians to discover a way to literally irrigate Max’s skin with natural solutions 3 times a day and only change dressings once a day. Miracle #?!! i’ve lost track:) Max has been told that he will serve many “missions. Maybe he was “called on his mission 2 days ago and now he gives his all reminding you & I to believe in the miracles that are coming to be today, tomorrow, 1 month, 1 year, & 3 years from now.
– Natalie

The Accident

At 1:50pm on July 2, 2014, we heard a bang and a scream in the garage. Aunt Lorene was washing dishes at the kitchen sink. She saw Max run out of the garage door and shouted, “Max is on fire!” Nat ran out the back door to the porch and I ran down the back hall. Markus opened the door and I saw Max walking with his shirt and hair in flames into the house. I patted some flames out as he walked down the back hall and Lorene threw a bowl of water on him in the kitchen. He went to the kitchen sink where we ran his hands under water. His face and most of his hair was singed. The whole time, he kept saying, “I’m sorry, Mom & Dad. I was just making a firework. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m going to be fine.”

He took his clothes off in the kitchen and we put him in our bathtub under cold water. He said an explosion went off and He was blinded by the light and stumbled around, then ran into the house.

While he was in the tub, Markus and I gave him a priesthood blessing. I carried him to the van and we rushed him to the AF hospital.

I carried him into the ER and they showed me the bed to lay him in. The doctors gave him morphine and then a sleeping gas. Even after he was out, he kept trying to sit up. It was so painful to see. They put in a breathing tube and 2 IVs.

They moved him to another room and told us they would life flight him to the Burn Center at U of U. The flight team arrived and said they needed to wash him before transporting him so they didn’t bring chemicals into the Burn Center. We told them that we had already washed Max off in the bath. Gratefully, they didn’t wash him again.

They moved him to the stretcher, wheeled him to the helicopter, and flew him to U of U. Nat and I drove straight there.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 12.50.19 AM

[Max being life-flighted to U of U Burn Center]

He was in the ER when we arrived since there were no rooms in the Burn Center, then they moved him to the Burn Center. His eyes were swollen shut. Once he was in the Burn Center, Nat and I were sent to the waiting room while they debrided him. While Nat and I waited, a head nurse came out and introduced himself. He told us that this is a critical illness, and we needed to know that Max could die. Since he had 3rd degree burns on 40% of his body, he would be in the hospital for 2-3 months and might not make it. When he left, I prayed: “Father, we need Thee every hour, and we need Thee this hour. Spare our son. Sweet Jesus, have mercy. Father, we believe. Help thou our unbelief. Let our son live. But if not, we will still believe.”

Two hours later, Dr. L came in and sat down. She said that Max had 3rd degree burns on 30% of his body, and 2nd degree burns on 10%, but those could become 3rd degree burns. She described the long hard process of recovery. She reported a central line that had been put in because the IVs had failed. She said it was an emergency procedure to keep fluids flowing to him.

Dr. L. described escharotomy, a procedure of releasing pressure in areas where the blood flow is restricted by the burnt skin. The loss of blood flow can result in dead tissue. In Max’s case, his hands had really high pressure. The nurse said that if we didn’t do escharotomy right away, he could lose fingers (or worse). She said the pressure in the eyes was so great he could go blind. Natalie stated very clearly that we wanted to be as minimally invasive as possible. Dr. L. said we could wait another 30 minutes to decide.

One of the goals of the first night is to reduce the liquid intake from 1000 ml/hr to 190 ml/hr. In order to reduce the liquid, they need to see enough urine coming out. Miracle #1: He totally started urinating and met the goal of going down to 190!

An hour later, the head of the Burn Center, Dr. M., came to talk to us with Dr. L. He spoke about his 30 years of experience in burn care. He said he is a man of faith, and that he believes in a balance of allopathic and homeopathic care. He was open to us using natural products in Max’s treatment. We agreed to give Max 1 more hour to see if the pressure had gone down in his arms and hands. We kept slathering natural solutions on him, Dr. M. did the test, and his numbers were all within acceptable range. The escharotomy that Dr. L. was planning on doing just hours earlier was evaded!

We are expecting miraculous results!

Miracle Log:

  • None of the other kids were home at the time of the accident
  • We DID have a full team of helpers at home (Nat, Andy, Lorene, Heidi, Markus)
  • Lorene was at the kitchen window to see him, and had a bowl of water
  • Able to use natural solutions in Silver cream and on face
  • Urine output – fluid down every hour since midnight – 190 ml/hr by 7
  • Eye pressure came back to normal (low 20s) – keep his vision and no incisions!
  • Significant reduction in swelling of his face and neck.


About Max

Max has a brilliant soul! Named after Elder Maxwell, he is one of the most caring individuals I know. He takes wonderful care of his brothers and sisters. He loves to pull Talmage and Abi around the hardwood floor on a blanket. They love him dearly.