Miracles today:
• Checking in with Max as we approach 90 days from the fire – so much good ahead, loving our boy, grateful for the hope that comes with each new day.
• Remembering that all wounds take time to heal and there’s something magical that happens in the meantime… we are changed. I know I’m being changed to be more peaceful and patient in this process & Max is being changed every day!
• Andy took the kids to see a movie – great diversion & good times together!
• I soaked in the love at www.lds.org wow…. the messages that reached my soul were … growth comes from joyfully living the path of our Father in Heaven….. God is a god of love…. He knows of your successes… each one… even if they seem small to you….

I celebrate the small successes of sleeping precious children, a vibrant marriage, and learning to trust more in God’s plan.

Please pray for Max’s neck to extend and stretch and straighten and his wounds in armpits and neck to close up so that pain is down and he can return to school & more physical therapy.


One more day

Painful night with our boy. He’s made so much progress in so many ways. He’s been working his arms so much that some of the skin in his armpits has now reopened. I so wish I could take it all away. So many miracles still.
Miracles of today:
• Remembering that we need not carry our burdens only turn them over to our Savior
• Coaching Max to breathe & turn it over
• The relief that sleep brings!
• Loving friends to comfort & support us Marc & Jenn Garrett & Adheesh & Santoshi & Dallin
• Justin Lee that took Max & our crew to the theater yesterday
• Max’s peace amidst the storm

Thank you for your prayers for his armpits to heal & neck to extend!


Ring them bells Saint Martha for the poor man’s son
Ring them bells so the world will know that God is one
For the shepherd is asleep where the willows weep
And the mountains are filled with little lost sheep
Ring them bells for the blind and the deaf
Ring them bells for all of us who are left

– Bob Dylan

A sister in the ward stopped us after church on Sunday. Her uncle had 3rd degree burns on 50% of his body 40 years ago, and died months after his accident. She wept as she heard Max’s story.

While we were in the hospital, I met a man named Feike Van Dijk who had been burned on his right arm and face. He said that a fire had started in his house. He and his wife tried to put it out, but it quickly grew out of control. They started running through the house to vacate their 5 children. They got 2 out, then he got the baby out with serious burns. By then, the fire department had arrived. The fire was so advanced that house was collapsing. The fire chief wouldn’t let the parents back in the house, so the parents and 3 children stood outside and listened to their 2 young children cough their last breath inside.


I wept openly as I sat with Feike and put myself in the his shoes. Words were meaningless.

Maybe one of the purposes of suffering is to unite us.

If our experience with Max has taught us one thing, it is that we are all one great family.

I’m so thankful to a loving Father who honors us by letting us suffer.

I’m so grateful to a loving Brother who opens doors so that families can be together forever.

Please join me in loving the Van Dijks