We’ve been squeezing in every last ounce of warm weather and connection time – feeling so grateful for nature and for each family member and the unique role they play. Today we watched family video clips and did another hike. Grateful to be together. Grateful for fall leaves and fresh breezes. Grateful we live in a day where we can work with modern medicine to release Max’s tight contracted skin and allow his arms and neck to regain their full function. Feels like we’re entering another trust fall – but maybe we’re always in a trust fall, just entering into a little portion where it feels like a bigger drop. The last few weeks with Max off of pain meds and with his normal drive has been heaven to us! Falling. Trusting. Waiting with the utmost assurance that God’s hand will again be revealed. Grateful to know He’s on our right hand and our left with His angels round about us to hold Max and all of us up.

Upcoming Surgery

We’d like to invite you to join us for a special prayer and fast for Max. He goes in for surgery on Tuesday, then might be in the hospital for 10-21 days.
We are fasting for Max to be protected, for the surgeon to be guided, and for the new grafts to take so Max can enjoy full range of motion throughout his life.
We love you. Thank you so much for your faith and prayers!!!