We wept tears of joy as we drove away from the hospital yesterday. Leo saw his first sunshine and breathed in the fresh air. The sky never looked so blue.
When Abi met him, she waved at him and was sad he wasn’t waving back, then he lifted his hand and waved back. His brothers and sisters stayed home from school and soaked him in.
We’ve never been more grateful to be in our home surrounded by our beautiful family.
We met as a family 10 days ago where we prayed to know when God wanted Leo to come home, then we made promises to God and made posters as reminders. We thank God for making this miracle happen.
Thank you Sherri for your great coaching. We thank the neonatologists, MDs, nurses for their skilled care. Thank you H. Wallace and Nancy T. and Susan for loving and supporting our family so much during this time. Thank YOU for your prayers – we know Leo is home now because of them.