Week 11

Awesome day! We did some contacting and then headed to the capilla for our appointment with Hermana Ruth. We got there early and got everything ready but she still hasn’t arrived 20 minutes after of the lesson was supposed to start. We said our short prayer and went outside capilla. She showed up only a few minutes later. We sat down and started teaching the word of wisdom something because if she wanted to be baptized Saturday she had to have had taken all the lessons and we still have 2.5 to teach her. She shared that she really like coffee but that she was willing to stop it if it meant she could be baptized. This may not seem like a big thing but here in Chile everyone is always drinking either coffee or mate. We talked a lot of chastity and typing next and she accepted to keep them. Even though her kids were being really loud and disturbing dreams a lesson we can still feel the spirit and focus on the lesson. Next we had a lesson with her Hermana Pilar. We started teaching the restoration and she explained her beliefs about God, the importance of service, and being accountable and self-sufficient. It was one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve heard her, the way in which she lives her life is already amazingly Christlike. She inspired me to change the way I live when I get back, and never to put blame on God where our circumstances or misfortune.
Had a great District meeting today in which we talk about how there is no “secret” to baptizing. The important thing is to have faith and work hard. Hermana Ruth had her baptismal interview and could not remember some things about Joseph Smith and the Restoration so we are going to postpone the baptism till next week to give us some time to review and make sure she is ready. We did lots of contacting today and had our first lesson with Marylin, she seemed pretty interested and we’re going to meet with her again this Sunday.
Awesome day! We contacted tons, found some really nice people, had a great Zumba, and saw a football game. We stopped by Maritza and Jannet’s house and cut all their firewood. There was a lot but it was super fun and he helped me to remember that one of the reasons we are here is to serve. My companion (Elder Ferrell) shared some of his goals with me and taught me how he makes goals (it was super inspiring.)
It was kind of a slow day but that only means we’re laying the ground work for a great tomorrow. We taught Hermana Ruth a really simple lesson about prayer and repentance and she seemed to understand it. We stopped by lots of investigators houses with Hermana Jyme but nobody was home because it was a holiday of some kind. We cut grass at Roberto’s house and then had Noche de Hogar  with Hermana Netti and her sons. Some days are slow and that’s not necessarily bad but it’s easy to let lack of immediate visible results get you down, just remember that some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come till heaven(paraphrased by Jeffrey R. Holland) so be patient and keep working and praying.
Was a slow day with few people answering the door but we made 1 good contact who seems interested and taught Maria Jose the plan of salvation and she said she would come to church tomorrow if she got any sleep (she was going to have friends over later.)
For the most part it was a slow day, not many people were home and almost every cita fell, but this morning was awesome. 

Week 10

Wow – what a week! At the beginning of this week, I was a little disanimated as almost all of our citas (appointments) had fallen, Hermana Frerichs and Elder Trujillo had just had cambios (transfers), and we hadn’t found many new investigators. But by the end of the week, I could hardly contain my excitement! Tuesday, on the way to a contact’s house, a lady stopped us asking for directions to the capilla (chapel) and explained that she had been inactive for 14 years, but wanted to start coming back to church and bring her kids with her! Thursday we had an investigator accept baptism and set a date. After Zumba (every Thursday we have Zumba for anyone who wants to come because obesity is a big problem here) a friend that a member had brought asked us if she could have some reading material to find out more about the church and we gave her the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets. Just five minutes later we saw her sitting outside the capilla reading intently. Sunday we decided that we needed to drop a lot of our investigators who are not progressing and haven’t been for a while now and focus on finding new investigators that will progress. I recall a quote by Jeffery R. Holland:
“Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.”
I know that as we are patient, prayerful, and faithful blessings will come.

Elder Goddard



Week 9

This Thanksgiving was actually great. We worked hard all day and, even though almost all our appointments fell through, we kept contacting and talking about our Thanksgiving family traditions. It was really fun.
I love you guys so much and pray for you every night. I got to share the Neal Maxwell kaleidoscope quote with somebody here who’s having a hard time and I thought I’d like to share it with more people too. Love you all.

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