Thanks for the pictures of family, firends, and the school, its crazy to see how people and places change.
Me and my companion have been getting along really well, he’s so much like Kobi it’s crazy. He´s basically his twin, which is awesome. We had a great week, met a new family and they are really open and curious about the gospel, we also got to review the baptismal questions with Jackson, he asked what the requisits are to be baptized and we explained that keeping the commandments and having a testimony and faith are the biggest things, he still needs to come to church regularly and says he wants to keep reading the Book of Mormon and praying to grow his testimony. We are super excited for General Conference cause it’s a big spiritual boost for everyone and very inspiring.
I was talking with my companion about college plans and realized that my last cambio would end August 21, which is about 2 weeks before the start of fall semester which will be exciting!
Honestly realizing how much I was and am in need of the atonement and how much living gospel principles make lives, communities, and countries great were the things that helped me to enjoy and do the things better.

The work is going well, slowly but well. They came to church last Sunday but not this Sunday, we have stopped by a few times and were finally able to talk with them about the church and how much we love them and want them to be able to receive great blessings. Our ward mission leader came with us and shared his testimony of keeping the Sabbath day holy, it went very well and we have plans to make chocolate chip cookies with them this week (my comp is a pro chef).
I love you guys too and really love hearing about the kids’ sayings, Leo is practically already fluent. love you all loads.

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