Week 12


Had a great P-day. Went to the penguin and took some amazing photos of the penguins and a natural arch. Emailed with the family, Alan, and Mace. Looking forward to this week and Ruth’s baptism next week.

Today was a great learning experience. We finished our studies and headed to bishop’s house to eat and didn’t bring our coats or umbrellas because it had been really sunny the past few days and was only a little overcast. We were about 5 minutes from arriving at our appointment, which was far away when our appointment called us and said she had decided she did not want to hear us then or later. We said a short prayer asking what to do and it started to rain. We started passing by old contacts and trying to make new ones but nobody answered their doors. It started to rain harder so we said another prayer and stopped by the neighbor of a member, for the second time that day someone opened the door. We told her briefly about Light the World and she said she didn’t want to hear more and closed the door. We kept contacting with the knowledge that at least at 7 we would have a night of. We stopped by a really devout evangelical lady and she explained her religion and answered our questions but she didn’t want to hear anything about the lessons. We called Hermana Chavez to make sure we were still going to have Home Evening because it wasn’t a nice day. The Hermanas called and invited us to another Family Home Evening on the other side (literally) of Ancud. We got there and talked and ate with a nice member and finished the day well. Through all the rain, wind, and lack of success. It was hard not to feel down but I remember that being happy is a decision and had a great time talking about the people and plans for tomorrow. You may be in part a victim of your circumstances but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them.

What an awesome day! We had a great district meeting and splits!! We did lots of contacting and made some great contacts. We were walking home and said hello to a lady walking in the other direction. We stopped to share with her and she listened(really unusual). She explained that she was going through some really hard stuff and wanted to learn more about our church and felt God had sent us to help her. We’re going to pass by her house Saturday and share about prayer and hopefully help her out.

Great day, made some really good contacts with Elder Neira and had a great lunch with momita. We changed back to normal companions and me and Elder Ferrell planned for tomorrow and had correlation meeting with the ward mission leader. The Hermanas had a great lesson with an awesome investigator and we stayed in the chapel and did studies so they could teach him. Looking forward to teaching Marcela and English classes tomorrow.

I threw up my lunch yesterday, woke up terribly sick with a headache and fever, nobody came to English classes, our investigator had a terrible experience at church and when we stopped by earlier today, she said she never wanted to go back to the chapel. And all but 1 of our appointments fell through. I could think of everything that happened today and be terribly frustrated or want to go home, but I am choosing to be patient and trust in God and keep working. God sends us experiences like this to help us grow. As Neal A. Maxwell said, “How could there be refining fires without enduring some heat.”

I’m feeling lots better today, a good nights sleep helped a lot. It’s frustrating when someone says that they are going to come to church the night before and promises that they the desire to come and take the sacrament and feel the spirit and then they don’t. But we’ll keep at it and keep praying for Hector & Daniela. Had a great Family Night with Adolfina who is our other little momma that takes care of us.

Usually at the start of a new year, we make resolutions to stop doing things, to start doing others, or to make some change in order to improve our lives. This New Years, I’d like to invite you to follow a resolution making process a very wise friend once shared with me.
This friend asked if there was something in my life that wasnt necessarily bad – maybe it was good or better but wasn’t best. And how much I valued that thing, if it had a positive or negative effect on me, and if I wasn’t willing to give it up to become closer to God. Is that habit or time spent on something of lesser value really worth keeping in your life if it isn’t bringing you closer to the God? Is it worth it to give up something small and terestrial for something celestial? It need not be grand but if it allows you to study the scriptures for a few minutes more or visit the temple more often, I promise you it is worth it.
Lots of love,
Elder Goddard