April 22-May 6

We had an awesome Sunday. Today was stake conference. We ate with the branch president and helped him with his dishes and cleaning up after his son. We visited last active in some investigators and give a blessing to a sick sister.

We went to zone conference and had a great time. In Zone Conference practice teaching lesson one, focusing on simplicity and authority to baptize, and talked about how out towards companions, members, and leaders should be and how we can improve retention. My passport when he arrived with the needed paperwork so I will need to go back soon to request my carnet. We also talked with a member and his wife about the difficulties this word has and how we can endorse trials with faith. It was a very good day.

We went to another area again to request my carnet celebrate some missionaries’ birthdays. It was a great trip but we’re finally back and able to get back to work. Even though nobody came to English classes today (it’s a holiday) I feel it was worth it to wait in the church because a nice guy came in asking about English classes and give us his number. Afterwards, my companion and I both had the impression that we were supposed to be there for that in particular. It was a great experience.

Today we visited with an investigator and enjoyed talking about how having faith and repenting aren’t things we only do once but rather we must continue in our faith and repentance in her efforts to improve. We also spoke with his brother. It is very inspiring to see the positive attitude and faith despite all the trials and difficulties with work and housing.

Yesterday and today we’re full of success and spiritual experiences. We visited many people and sets several appointments for the coming week and though one didn’t come to church, another one did. Our investigator for a touching testimony about faith and overcoming trials and in the afternoon we met with him, he said that he enjoyed church and we talked about the Scriptures and ancestry.