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Max has a brilliant soul! Named after Elder Maxwell, he is one of the most caring individuals I know. He takes wonderful care of his brothers and sisters. He loves to pull Talmage and Abi around the hardwood floor on a blanket. They love him dearly.


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  1. Max is on my mind and in my heart and prayers. God is healing him — these reports are nothing short of miraculous. Thanking Jesus for answered prayers and praying for a full recovery.

    “Jesus, thank you for your gifts in our lives, even when we may not see them that way. Thank you for this precious boy, Max. Thank you for the plans that you have for him. We pray that you will continue to flow your healing power through his body. We lift him up to You, to take in Your arms and comfort him through this trial. Please let him feel waves of healing, flushing out the hurt. May Max be made whole and grow to be and do what you have planned for him. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.”

  2. Your story is incredibly inspired. The oils, your faith, and the good Lords guidance at correct timing is truly a God send. Best of miracles to your boy and family. I hope the jg end doctor sees the miracles for w hat they are and is able to implement. The healing they offer to more of their patients, without the knowledge you folk have, so more can be enlightened. We will pray for a wonderful recovery and some rest for you all (May’s care taker team) as I know just wouldn’t be able to leave his side, nor really sleep. I’ll also pray for faith, which clearly you have but it’s a delicate grace, that needs support and care too. Bon Chance and a speedy, full recovery, Rosa and family

  3. Im praying for Max and believing for even more miracles, thanking the Lord for bringing him through this!!
    God bless you all

  4. May God bring you peace, strength and miraculous healing! Thank you for sharing your story. You will remain in our thoughts & prayers.

    Jill, John, Max & Mason Gjamov
    Columbus, OH

  5. Blessing peace and prayers for you and your family and precious Max! Thank you God for allowing us the use of your wonderful oils and for your healing touch. Blessings and prayers for all the health care workers, may they be loving and gentle as well as believers and open minded to alternative ideas outside of just modern medicine.

  6. Nature’s herbs are closet to God, not manmade medications. Our bodies are of the earth and have the power to heal themselves. Believe in God and pray to the almighty. I pray that Max will feel no pain.

  7. Be strong, Max! We are sending you much love and prayers! May God continue to bless you and your family and heal you quickly. Your dreams are going to come true, little one! You will grow stronger each day and be able to show the world how wonderful you truly are! <3

  8. Praying for complete healing for Max & Peace & comfort for the Goddard family. “….for I am the LORD, who heals you.” (Ex 15:26b) Jehovah Rophe , The LORD who heals, hear our prayers.

  9. Hi there, I’ve read what has happened to your beloved son and will keep him in my prayers. You were all amazingly clear headed and possibly saved him much worse complications. God Bless!

  10. As a father of two amazing kids Gracen 11 and Evelyn 9 no one especially dads ever want to see thier kids hurt. Strength rises when the worse things happen. We never know the strength in the power of prayer that is established in the circumstance when the presence of a holy God settles in. That is my prayer for your hearts and physical body of Max as well as his siblings. Faith will rise and is. Courage will rise and is. Hope is real and evident inside Max. We stand with you in prayer to present this child to the King of Kings that has the power to change it all.
    We will see him healthy alive vibrant and full of life here and now. May God speak to him. Whisper hope into his soul. May the host of heaven swoon around him and pattern his life in the shadow of the almighty. We speak love into mom and dad.
    We can’t wait to see and hear of the progress this child is making in the miracle working power of faith hope and love directed to Max.

    Love to your family and all praying for Max.

    Tim Dawn Gracen and Evelyn Copley

  11. Dear Andy and Natalie,
    I’m so sorry this happened. My heart goes out to Max, but it also goes out to you. I can not imagine how difficult this is for you seeing sweet Max in this condition. However, I do know that right now you are the perfect parents for him…the two of you are full of faith, long suffering, and humility. The Lord hears and answers your prayers and will continue to lead and guide you. Perhaps the most difficult challenges are yet to come, but you are both capable in every capacity to overcome them. You are loved and remembered and never alone. Angelic help is only an ask for help away. I’m thinking of you and keeping all of you in my prayers.
    Much love to you,

  12. I’m praying for a much speedier than expected recovery. What a blessing that everything seems to be falling into place and that the staff is allowing your use of essential oils. It may even help them to learn new techniques that may improve healing for others someday.

  13. Dearest Andy and Natalie and family. You have always been examples to me of love and of celebrating struggles while moving towards light. More recently, in reading this webpage, you have been an example to Jeanette and me and in a new and wonderful way. We send all of our love and prayers and faith and hope, for peace for Dear Max and for each and all of you. Love, Mark and Jeanette

  14. Cried when I read this…my prayers go out to this Inspirational and Amazing Family…You are very blessed.

  15. I am so sorry to hear about this tragic accident. I will keep him in my prayers. Prayers for Max and the family for strength, peace, and quick healing!
    Prayers and best wishes,

  16. I am so sorry you are all in my families prayers. I would like to send him a pic my daughter with Down syndrome colored for him when I told her about his booboos. She is 18 but mentally 5 so had to tell her the way she would understand.

    The Hostetlers

  17. Praying for your strength and Max’s healing. Please truly feel that ♥
    I thank God in so many ways for the company.
    Just breathe…
    Sending your family Love and Light,
    Ellen Decker

  18. Come on Max! You got a this….probably going to take a little bit so I am praying a hedge on angels around you buddy …..let them read you stories and tell you jokes while you relax and heal. Stay strong! Air high five, Max.

  19. Come on Max! You got this….probably going to take a little bit… so I am praying a hedge of angels around you buddy …..let them read you stories and tell you jokes while you relax and heal.

    Stay strong! Air high five, Max.

  20. Prayer is powerful and so are the company oils! And God is good! Prayers for the great physician to continue to heal Max. Prayers for his comfort and strength for your family, the doctors and all involved in max’s care!

  21. Is Max your eldest son? What is his age? Praying for HIS covering of peace, comfort & healing over Max for continued miracles in the healing process & for both of you & his siblings as well. Max knew God was will him & that He is good….all the time! <3

  22. Well, Max…how zit goin’? I drove through your lovely state today. I prayed all the way through it. Hoping you’re better than moments ago. Minute by minute, buddy. Minute by minute. You, too, family…. Hugs to all of you….and an…air high five to Max.

    I am heading to my home town of Wisconsin tomorrow. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, Max!

  23. Your family must be exhausted. I wish there was more we could do. Our kids attend AHS mr beckwith sent out an email to update us. We use oils as well and have seen amazing things. May our Heavenly Father bless you with peace at this difficult time ❤❤❤

  24. I am praying that angels and family guardians will attend all your family at this time. You will be close in thought throughout the next several months. It is clear that you and Max are being significantly blessed through this. Let the Atonement carry you through. You are loved–Astrid

  25. With all my heart I send out my caring concerns for Max and your beautiful family I’m so sorry for this accident. May it bring you an your family peace to know we’re all out here for you. You’re generosity an kindness with others will flow back to you in this time. With love, Katrina from Wyoming.

  26. Dear Max,

    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I was moved to tears reading through your wrenching story and the pain you and your family must be facing. I was especially moved to read that you were mostly concerned not for yourself, but for the comfort and worry of your family. I pray that God heals you and continues to work miracles in your recovery. You are so brave! Shine on.

    In love,
    Annabelle Kim

  27. Max my boy. Keep up the wonderful work. I am with you and so is God. Receive the pure oils in your body to calm and heal you. Smile and give a thumbs up to a mom and dad who are as special as you. You will be home to pull the younger ones around the room on a blanket. Love you max.

  28. My prayers and heart are with your family. The humility and faith with which you have met this difficult time is so amazing and inspiring! You are an example of the believers – I truly believe this. God bless you and may the few tears I cried reading about this accident be a few less that you have to bear.

  29. You are a great person Max. God loves you and is helping you! We all are praying for you and your family!

  30. It is a hard thing to stand by and watch beloved family members suffer, especially when they are children. In reading your blog, one can see that you have witnessed many miracles; through your continued faith & positive attitude you will see even more as the days & months go by. I will pray for your family & especially for Max. Your names will be added to our prayer roll in the Newport Beach Temple. May you always have eyes to see, ears to hear & know where you can turn for peace – to Him, who has suffered all things so that He can succor His people.

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