Week 7 – Arrived in Osorno, Chile!


Wow, the first week in the field has been awesome.

I arrived in Osorno and was welcomed by President Isom and his wife who are pretty much the kindest most inspiring fatherly/motherly mission presidents that have ever been. We stayed 1 night in Osorno and I got to know some of the other missionaries there and go out contacting for my first time to get a feel for it.

We had a great meal with all the new missionaries and the president then got on a bus to Castro. At the terminal in Castro I met my trainer who is an adventure loving, super energetic, very fun missionary. I am so happy I got such a great trainer! We got on a bus for Chilóe and talked about how awesome the mission is and what the island is like (Chilóe is an island!). After a while the bus drove onto a barge and I soon got my first view of Chilóe! It’s absolutely beautiful, green rolling hills, miles of beaches, and cute little houses.


We dropped off my bags at the house before heading over to Momitas where we ate a very late lunch. Momita is a member of the ward who is paid to feed us every day (except Sunday and Monday) for lunch except she makes so much food that lunch is the only meal we ever eat. I got to know her family and who are so awesome, they have helped me a lot with my Spanish.

The week flew by, I got to go visit some of the investigators and members plus some contacting and I’m loving it. This morning we (me, Elder Ferrell, the sister missionaries, and the other elders from Dalcalue) took a bus south and saw some really amazing waterfalls and got lots of pictures but I forgot my camera and I’ll have to have the sister missionaries send me the photos.

I love it here and there is so much work to be done. My Spanish is far from perfect but its progressing every day and I have faith in the Lord to help me.

Love you all!

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