Max New Cast

Max was freed from his 2-arm cast today!

Max has won the award for creativity and coping skills during this season – 1. he’s played legos with Talmage with his feet,
2. tutored Ben
3. he’s stayed on his back 90% of the time and
4. asked us to be his hands for every meal, drink, bathroom visit, nose scratch, etc.

His new cast lets him use his right hand again – 3 cheers for autonomy!! Max’s range of motion is awesome – the doctors are super happy with his progress.

Thank you Nana & Papa for your unending support! What a gift 🙂

Thank you all for your prayers. Max has been peaceful through all of this. Prayers are heard!

2 thoughts on “Autonomy”

  1. I haven’t check your blog for awhile, so it was nice to read of Max’s progress. I am so grateful that his surgeries have gone well and that he is back on the road to what we pray is the final recovery. I have enjoyed reading your positive comments. I too had to be reminded that I a not the one driving this car, while these experiences are difficult, how grateful for the gentle reminder of our loving Father in Heaven who is driving our so called cars. I testify that He knows us individually and helps to mold us into what we should become, if we but turn the driving over to Him. Hugs and prayers for you and your Max and continued healing!

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