Back to School!

Yesterday was the first day of school, and Max is back!!! We are so proud of him and how hard he has worked for this day.


Max joined the rest of his class at a welcome back assembly. Nat and I went to his classroom to set up his chair with cushions. We left a note for his teacher with our phone numbers. We went home and fretted that he would need to come home from exhaustion, itching, discomfort, etc. But we never got a call. So he finished his classes, we picked him up from school, and he was beaming. His countenance was brilliant. He reported on the assembly (where he received a standing ovation), on the new kids in school he met, on the AP Chemistry class that he is VERY excited about, and his great new seminary teacher.

Nat and I did a happy dance, hugged, and cried.

I told Nat, “It’s going to be ok.”

3 thoughts on “Back to School!”

  1. I attended the school assembly held in the auditorium at American Heritage Monday morning. I saw Max passing me by as he entered the auditorium, I was standing near the entrance door. It was a very spiritual and emotional moment seeing him coming into the assembly hall. Max, you are a true HERO! You have fought the good fight, like the apostle Paul would say in his own words if he was here today. You are a walking testimony of faith, courage, valor and trust in God. Your parents and all of those who respect you are very proud of you and your inner strength to fight your own “Goliath”.
    Your presence in the school auditorium was a living testimony that God answers prayers, not only individually but collectively. You are a living witness that GOD is a God of Miracles. You have become a living proof of American Heritage mission statement : “Be useful in the hands of the Lord”
    You are loved and prayed for by many.
    In faith and trust,

    Sister Patricia Huhem and family

  2. Goedenavond,

    Please allow me to leave a comment. I have read THE whole story. Incredible what a power.

    I am a teacher for Children with special needs. everyday i watch and see children struggle and fight. max and his family are exampels of struggling people with enormous power and love surrounding them. I wish max and his family all THE best. I was so moved. ( sorry for THE mistakes in english, but i think my english is better as your dutch haha).

    Greetings from THE netherlands

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