Choosing Gratitude

Max & Susan

I’m so grateful for Max, for dear friends and family, for modern medicine, great Drs and therapists, and God’s hand in bringing it all together so Max could withstand peacefully the last 5 days laid out flat in a half body cast with neck and arms extended. Being near him helps me be peaceful about the little inconveniences that sometimes arrive with life. Today he made it through his first wound care with new grafts and now has a new improved more flexible cast. Max was stoked to be up and we took a long walk to the cancer center. On the way, instead of complaining about his cast with his arm out and up, he began singing “everybody needs a hug” as his arms naturally created a hug shape. Then he went on to high 5 others along our way. After his day started out with a broken cast saw, waiting mid wound care and having to receive essentially all morning in wound cares, it would have been easy for him to be frustrated, instead he chose to be grateful. Strong work Max for choosing gratitude and making miracles for everyone you touched today!

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