Divine Design


This morning we drove to the hospital for our our first outpatient therapy and wound care. We got there at 8 am, and left at 1 pm (5 long hours of wound care, physical therapy, & cast making and sawing). While we were there, they took out the feeding tube, so now Max is totally wireless!

Up until now, the doctors have wanted to see Max’s skin grafts & burns every day to track their progress and healing. After looking at them today, they told us they only need to see them once a week!

On the drive home, Max was quiet for a long time. Then he said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about the accident. If I could go back in time and change it, I wouldn’t. I’ve gained more than I’ve lost.”

Maybe being whole isn’t about living the life you expected. Maybe it’s about loving what is.

“Let the kaleidoscope of life’s circumstances be shaken, again and again, and the “true believer of Christ” will still see “with the eye of faith” divine design and purpose in his life.” – Neal A. Maxwell (Full Speech)

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  1. Praise God for the wisdom, strength and courage He has blessed you with Max! You are truly refreshing and inspiring to my faith and belief in God. Thank you for allowing God to live through you and share His love for us.

  2. Max – you look AMAZING!!! What a special spirit you are! What a joy it is to read of your faith, love and to see the miracles in your life. Thank you to your parents for sharing what they have with those of us who don’t know you. I have learned much! May you continue to be blessed to move forward and to continue to see with your spiritual eyes the blessings of your great trial. I know it is hard work (had a family member in that burn unit many years ago), but keep doing what you are doing. You are a great inspiration to us! HUGS!

  3. Max is truly a walking talking miracle. So delighted after being too busy to check in here to find such devine intervention has been placed upon your family. Have to admit that I have been wrapped up in my own turmoil which has taken me away from many things. But this is a great surprise today. I can’t wait for the day where this young man enlightens us with his own words. His bravery and thoughts you have shared are an inspiration. God Bless & continued prayers for continued healing.

  4. I don’t know you or your son Max but I love that kid!! Thank you for sharing him with us! I’ve been following his story for weeks and I’m so happy for you guys that he is home again with you. Please don’t stop sharing Max’s wise words with us!

  5. Incredible Max!
    Quote from the Nauvoo Pageant:
    “I had to give away all that I had to get back all that I want.”
    –Robert McKenzie Laird
    Also love the talk on cd by S. Michael Wilcox “Of Lions, Dragons, & Turkish Delight.”

  6. I am the daughter of Jean and Bob Porcaro in your ward. My dad was telling us about Max when we came to visit last month. I have been keeping up on his website and he is just such a strong, wise boy. This post makes all the dressing of wounds and hours at the hospital worth something. It is so smart of you to write, how therapeutic. I have to say that looking at the pictures of Max he looks great! His face looks so good! I remember when my brother John got burned I thought “oh no, his beautiful face!” I was worried about Max, but looking at him he is so beautiful not only his face, but his soul! Heavenly Father has blessed you so much. Mighty Miracles. Much love to your family!

  7. What an amazing young man you are raising. What he said about the accident brought tears to my eyes! I will continue to pray for healing. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. You continue to inspire us Max :::::::

    I come to the end of myself and have no words, I am just left with thanks for you…. for your life…. and that you are here.

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