Everlasting Kindness

Natalie and I were asked to speak on Strengthening Testimony in sacrament meeting today. It was a sacred gift to be able to share the miracles with our ward family.
Natalie’s Talk: Audio | Text
Andy’s Talk: Audio | Text
In between our talks, a young man sang a moving rendition of My Kindness Shall Not Depart from Thee

Then we rushed to the hospital to do wound care. We celebrated these miracles:

  • Max ate 1200 calories yesterday!
  • Max had his best physical therapy session yet – thank you Mark!
  • Max has hit every benchmark and is healing so well!
  • Nat and I are now certified to do his wound care, and (drum roll please)
  • MAX COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!! He starts a new phase of his healing.We are all super excited to be together again!! So so so grateful!!!


Nat and I want to thank the army of angels (seen and unseen) who have supported our family:

Susan, Kathy, Mason, Lorene, Markus, Anna, Daniel, Mindy, Katelyn, Laura, Andrea, Bryan, Kathleen, Angela, Quinn, Randy, Cara, Danny, Nicole, John, Narelle, Matt, Seantay, Brianna, Ashlee, Justin, Eric, Julie, Nick, Tiffany, Kelly, Brittain, David, Tammy, Carol Ann, Christy, Mark, Roy, Marjorie, James, Chelsea…


  • John-Nathan
  • Mary
  • Colby
  • Laura & Laura
  • Lisa
  • Julie
  • Martina
  • Amy
  • Alex
  • Jennifer
  • Jason
  • Mary
  • Barbara
  • Halle
  • Jenn
  • Jill
  • Liz
  • April
  • Brad


  • Dr. Lewis
  • Dr. Cochran
  • Dr. Morris

Other Angels on Staff:

  • Kristen
  • Walter
  • Daphne
  • Bret
  • Ray

All who brought meals, sat with Max, watched our kids, prayed for us, fasted, shared our posts, visited, sent cards…

Max has inspired us beyond words. He gets to prove his strength through daily physical therapy over the next 6 months. Thank you in advance for your prayers for him to have the will power and patience to endure.

20 thoughts on “Everlasting Kindness”

  1. Your posts, words and faith have made for inspirational reading to my husband. I have been emotionally over whelmed reading each one. Yes the power of prayer is so mighty. I know this power first hand also. I have such peace knowing Max is getting to go home with his family and has made such a fast recovery. Max and his family can now have peace. YEAH!

  2. I am so excited!!! God has really helped him and your family! Me and my family were jumping up and down when we heard the news!

  3. What an amazing recovery. And to think where you all were just 3 weeks ago. I am so grateful to be able to pray for Max and all of you. It has been a very tender experience.

  4. I am so thrilled that your sweet son gets to go home to you and his siblings. What a joyous occasion. I am grateful to have found your blog and have been able to pray for you and for Max. I am most grateful for your willingness to share your story and strengthen others including myself through your testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. While we do not understand the trials that we have to go through, we do know that we are to be tried here in our mortal existence. My husband has diabetes and just went through an amputation of his foot to mid calf and has had terrible infections set in requiring a second surgery to take another inch off. Seven weeks after his first surgery I had an in-home accident that has caused numeral health issues, skin graft, and brain trauma. Like you, we have felt that darkness, but reflect back to the day of my accident and the blessing I was given to let the atonement work in our lives and like you, angels were sent to help us out. The world of today would call them coincidence, but we call them miracles and tender mercies. The road has been hard and rocky at places, but we have felt the love of our Father and His son, our Savior Jesus Christ round about us to shore us up. Our testimonies have grown and we acknowledge the many many blessings that are ours. Thank you again, for sharing your story and testimony to help build us up yet again. May all of the blessing of Heaven be poured out upon Max and your family. Hugs and prayers!

  5. Praise God!!! It made my day to see Max’s beautiful smile in the photo!! I will countinue to pray for Gods healing touch!! You did an amazing job Natalie and Andy!!

  6. My daughter is a burn survivor. She is 12 years old, and was burned when she was just a toddler and living in China. We have been following Max’s journey and have been praying for all of you. “mom to mom”…I am praying for you. I we can be of any support – if Max wants to talk to another kid who does the surgeries and the compression garments (ok – she SHOULD be doing them!) or if I can offer any mom support – please reach out.

  7. So glad he is home with you! You will all continue in our prayers as we know the road ahead is still bumpy. We love you guys.

  8. What news! I watch as you all post hope after hope and answered petition after petition. We all await each new, good step.

  9. I have followed Max’s story from the beginning. I work at the U and I happened to be leaving work last night as Max got “sprung”. What a joyous day for all of you. I know first hand what excellent care you received from the Burn Unit. Enjoy continued healing at home Max.

  10. Praise the Lord! God has done truly amazing things in and through this! WTG MAX!!! Lookin good young man!

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