Week 8 – Every Member a Missionary


Wow this week flew by. The language is coming great. I’m studying hard and understanding more everyday.

We have 9 progressing investigators and have lots of future investigators. The work here is kind of slow because people forget we have appointments or are busy so we have to come back later and because there were some really chueco (disobedient) missionaries several years back who set a bad example, the people don’t have a great opinion of us. But since then, there have been lots of great missionaries who have been great examples and started to change that opinion and we’re working to do the same. Last week, we talked with the Hermanas about how we can strengthen the ward and inspire the members to help with missionary work and since then have been doing lots of Noche de Hogars (family home evenings) with the members and inviting them to help. It’s been super great to get to know the ward and see the members helping each other out.

It’s really cold here which makes it hard to get up in the mornings, but me and my comp both love running and have to find some way to keep from getting fat from all the food Momita feeds us so we get up and run to a really pretty beach every morning. It’s beautiful! From the beach, you can see lots of little islands and the fishermen’s boats out on the water.

Last night we watched the Face to Face live in the capilla (chapel) and before it started we got some amazing pictures of the sunset which ill send when I get them.

I had an amazing experience this week while we were having a Noche de Hogar with some non-members. The member we brought with us shared his testimony and some of his experiences learning why there are trials in this life (the investigator’s child is blind from a brain tumor and only has a year or 2 to live) and even though I couldn’t understand everything he was saying, I felt how strong his spirit was and the confidence he had in the Lord. Seeing this member testify was super amazing and later that night, I remembered part of a quote that somebody shared in one of the CCM talks “Why every member a missionary? Because that is what the Lord has asked us to do.” -Elder Richard G. Scott 

I encourage those of you who are of age to serve a mission. It is the most amazing, inspiring, growing experiences I’ve had and I’m not even 2 months in. If the mission isn’t for you or you’re too young or too old or have already served, remember that you as a member can be a missionary in your own neighborhood. Remember that missionary work isn’t just finding new investigators; it’s serving and strengthening in whatever way you can. You can be a missionary to your friends, family, and ward.


Elder Goddard

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