Facing Fears

Here’s a shot of yesterday’s homecoming:


All of our other children went to play at their cousin’s, so Nat and I got to spend the whole day with Max! It was such a joy! The peace in our home is so rejuvenating. Max’s voice has been a whisper. We talked for over an hour after dinner, and Max got his voice back! He shocked himself when he heard his normal voice again.

Max definitely has his appetite back, too! He had some of his favorites today: omelets, deviled eggs, and Café Rio burritos!

At dinner, he shared his perspective on the accident, and we got to share ours. We took a walk outside, and he said, “I want to go look at the place where it happened in the garage. I need to face my fears.” And he did it.

5 thoughts on “Facing Fears”

  1. So glad your sweet boy is home and doing so well. Been thinking of him so much.
    Much love,
    Wendi (Reynolds) Bohn

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