Fasting and Prayer

Thank you for overwhelming shower of faith and prayers! At 9:00 am today, we felt like we stepped into a column of pure light!

Here are the miracles today:

1. During the changing of the dressing, Dr. L. said that Max’s 3rd degree burns are more like 25%, not the 30% they originally thought.

2. Max’s swelling has come down significantly. He can now open his eyes!

3. The burns require an environment that is moist and antibacterial. Up until last night, we would mist his body once a day with a combination of natural solutions and then they would apply Silvadene creme with silver in it. We were feeling like Max needed more and wasn’t getting enough for the level of healing that he was ready for. We explored options together. We were both frustrated and couldn’t see another way. Natalie said a silent prayer that angels could work with the doctor and the head nurse to inspire them. The head nurse suddenly blurted out, what if we use the Sulfur irrigation method that we use after skin grafts. This method uses tubes with holes to literally irrigate and carry an antibacterial solution to the burns. So last night, they switched from the dressings being a Silvadene cream to this “irrigation” method. First, they put gauze on the burns, then liquid in rubber tubes with holes in them, then medical bandages. They are allowing us to pour our the mixture through the rubber tubes every 4 hours (and we just transitioned to every 2 hours!!) instead of applying natural solutions once per day with the Silvadene!

4. He is breathing better than ever. He is rocking at 60% ventilation support. His target is 40% and clear lungs to say good bye to the ventilator.

5. Overall, Max’s body is stabilizing from the burn. His pH and SATs are good, and he is making progress towards coming off the ventilator. However, his lungs are starting to fill with liquid, which delays his ability to breathe on his own.

Many have asked if Max is conscious. He is being sedated for several reasons
1. He has a tube down his throat
2. He has a feeding tube down his nose
3. He has 6 other tubes going into his body
4. His body is in a lot of pain, and heals better while sedated

If he weren’t sedated, he would try to pull the tubes out. He can still hear everything around him and is somewhat responsive. About 2 times per day, he opens his eyes and we can ask him a couple questions. He’ll respond by shaking or nodding his head or gesturing with his arms. Then he’ll fade back to sleep. Every time we ask him if he’s in pain, he shakes his head that he isn’t. Almost every nurse Max has had has said he’s the best patient they’ve ever had. He even gave a thumbs up once. They love him and feel the brilliance of who he is.

If you’re still up to it, we invite your continued prayers for:
1. Bowels to start moving
2. Lungs to clear up
3. More skin to be healed.

We have a vision of Max whole in every way: body, mind, and spirit. That is who our boy is. Whatever that is to look like now we accept AND we claim every blessing for this amazing young man. There are moments it feels like he may be going through this to help many others who are suffering know a better way.

52 thoughts on “Fasting and Prayer”

  1. Great progress, interesting how prayers are answered.

    Max is a fighter!

    Team Max is strong and getting stronger each day.

    Our whole family is on Team Max even the grandchildren.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Love, prayers and support from the Barry & Kelli family.

  2. I pray for strength and endurance you and your family. I also pray for all those I contact with Max. I know all the compassion they are showing is a huge blessing. I am praying Max will continue to improve each day. God Bless your family!

  3. We love you guys and are praying for Max, and all of you, as well as the testimony you are all having on Max’s care-givers. Our God is the Great Physician — and He is with you! He is already using this for your (and Max’s) good and His glory!!

    Much Love,
    Mindy Zielinski
    WA, Pennsylvania

  4. Praise God for Max’s improvements, and the innovative solution to his treatment needs. Friends of his extended family here in Arkansas are following this closely, praying for his complete recovery. So glad he is not having to endure the pain at this time as well.

  5. My church group had the privilege of lifting your dear son up in prayer this morning. We will continue to pray. Thanks for the specifics on what to pray for.

  6. My family will continue to pray for Max and also your family. That you may feel the love that God has for you especially that is time. We pray that he will continue to heal!
    Sending our love,
    The McNeils

  7. Wow, May God continue to bless your family. Thank you for your testimony and your example of how to call on the powers of heaven and use the healing powers God has given us to use. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. I just liked to say that my heart and soul is with you all at this moment. I love you Max . You and your whole family are in my prayers. I do believe that our pure oils would make his recovery faster.
    Also , this is for you Natalie and for you Andy, I always knew that you are very special, but this is huge, you are inspiring me more than ever. This is the power of GOD IN You. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE. YOU BOTH ARE AMAZING.
    I hope deeply from my heart that everything goes fast in healing for Max and you all.
    We love you
    Farah, Harry, Jimmy, Julie Pajuheshfar
    From Las Vegas

  9. Please know that all of you will continue in our prayers! If there is anything else we can help with, just let us know. Ashleigh said he has always been so nice and kind to her at AHS!

  10. Just wanted to let you guys know that your whole family and Max were in my fast and my family’s thoughts and prayers today. We’ll continue to pray for you guys and thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to fast for another person today. Best wishes!

  11. We are praying for the complete healing of your precious son so he can glorify God to all who hear his story.

    In Jesus Name we pray.

    Heidi Holm
    Brentwood, Ca

  12. Prayers being said by our team. We know God provided these oils to help us heal and we have seen Him use them many times in a short period, me being one. By His stripes we were healed, I stand on that for Max. God bless!

  13. My sister, Holly Dunn sent me a message about Max’s accident. I had 33% burns back in 1998 involving head, neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet.

    My family knows how your family feels. You will see many miracles, and if they can get Max successfully off the ventilator, then you will be in for a long healing process. It took me 1 year before I could get back to full time work. My face healed very well with minimal scaring. I had grafts everywhere else. The donor sites are the most painful, but fighting the skin/graft contraction is also a long and painful process.

    Life can be and will be very good. Keep a positive attitude. Feel free to contact me if you would like to ask any questions.

    Tell Dr. Morris hello for me (the veterinarian from 1996). May God comfort you and Max.

  14. I am praying for Max’s recovery and strength for you all. I am amazed with the openness you are receiving about the oils! This is certainly God’s blessing!
    I was thinking about his feeding tube food. It’s very important to feed him healing foods; Spirilina, Kale, Chia, and Fish Oils are all healing to the body. Fish oils are amazing for reducing inflammation, Spirilina has micro nutrients and protein, kale is high in vitamin K which is excellent for the blood, chia has EFA and protein and is a source of fiber. Making a thin smoothie with these ingredients, to put in his feeding tube, will speed his recovery. When we eat we are feeding our whole body, cells and all.
    The food hospitals put through the feeding tube may be high in sugar (creates inflammation), low in protein (doesn’t feed cells or muscles) and not contain fiber needed to move the bowels. Pain meds create constipation so the need for plant fiber (& water) is crucial for the bowels to start moving.
    God bless you all.

  15. Ask doctors if they can get Procellera to dress wounds with in conjunction with what you are doing. It facilitates the micro currents used by your skin to improve healing process. I’ve seen a demonstration for it. If you can get some for dressing his wounds it will help!

  16. WOW!!! So many miracles! What a blessing!!!

    Will continue praying. Sweet Max, we love you so much and are so grateful for your shining example of faith and courage! Praying for you always, friend, and will come see you soon!!

  17. So grateful to hear of the miracles taking place from our combined faith & Max’s bright spirit! We feel like we can take part in some way with your explanation of all that is going on. Thank you for being so detailed. Obviously, the staff is being inspired to try a different way. I got chills when I read that! Thinking of all you are suffering makes me ache for you. I know the Savior has felt what Max is feeling. He suffered for Max and he is able to succor him right now at this very moment and throughout this entire process. We love you & wish we could be there to hold you up, like you were for us when we were in the Dominican Rep.

  18. My husband and I are continuing to visualize Max as pictured (last year, I think), at a beach, leaning against a pole… Smiling and charming, his body whole and healed. He is taking in deep breaths of pure air on his own.

  19. We call on Jesus Christ of Nazzereth to completely heal the lungs, skin and every part of Max that has been injured in this horrible incident.

    Restore this family and refresh their faith as they rely not on the doctors but on the You Lord. Continue to amaze the doctors with your miracle working hand.

    In Jesus Mighty Name

  20. Natalie and Andy,
    We are praying for you and your son Max. May God direct your thoughts and actions. He is mighty to save and answer prayers. Your hearts are pure and God sees that. Love to you all.

  21. Amazing, ALL glory be to God!! This will be a testimony to the doctors and the whole family- of oils and faith. I pray for complete healing and for God’s will to be done, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

  22. Continued prayers for Max and your entire family. You are serving as an inspiration to us all. The miracles you’re experiencing are just amazing.

    May God continue to bless you!

    In Love,

    Alisha Colon
    Cambridge, OH

  23. That is so exciting that you are being able to irrigate with the oils. He will do so much better with them. Also wonderful news that the burn percentage is less than previously thought. I will continue to stand with you in prayer for Max, all of you, and his medical team. Maybe I have missed it, but how old is Max? I’ve had other prayer warriors ask me. Blessings on all of you!!

  24. I am excited for the progress…the Lord is good and He is using this situation for His Glory. I am so proud of your determination and confidence that enables you to work with the doctors and nurses to a solution that they may have never seen before. I am agreeing with you for Max’s total restoration as well as continued favor with the medical staff. I am also praying for His wisdom to continue to infuse you as Max’s parents and the medical staff caring for Max.


  25. Thanks for sharing your sons miracle! I too believe that these sweet children sometimes go through these trials to help the rest of us. May God continue to bless Max and your family with peace and healing! LOVE and PRAYERS!

  26. Praying for your sweet child and his team of doctors and nurses!! Prayers from Little Rock, Arkansas.

  27. Hello! I am an energy worker in San Diego and found out about Max through a fellow TN energy worker’s FB post. As soon as I clicked onto your webpage I felt compelled to work with Max’s healing angels on his head, neck and upper torso. It was an amazing session, for a unique soul. About half of the session was spent on his chest. Prior to the session I only read the first few paragraphs of “The Accident” post, and read the rest of the site afterward. I noticed that as of 7/6 his lungs were a concern, and now understand why that area was a major focus of our healing time! I applaud you all for showing the world, through your story, what is really possible when healing modalities all work together!

  28. I don’t personally know you, but I’ve been following your blog and Max’s progress. He is so blessed to have you in his life and that the doctor is letting you use pure oils to help him. I have been praying for him, and I also looked up a prayer for him. If you wish to say it, I’ve written it below.
    “Thank you God, for my child’s perfect heath. Thank you for peace within my child’s body. Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for your powerful healing energy, which heals everything rapidly with each breath my child takes. Thank you, Damara, for gently comforting and reassuring me and my child. Thank you, Hathor, for clearly instructing me on how I can best help my child. Thank you, Mother Mary, for watching over all of us and sending us your Divine healing love”

  29. Beautiful update. Go angels! Yes, for sure there will be others who can have a better healing and a chance because if what the staff at the burn center is witnessing. Continuing to hold you in prayer and seeing the light of this moment unfold for you brings such joy and encouragement. The heavenly helpers have this! Love to you <3

  30. We are friends of Joseph Wilkins, and are grateful to have been included in your journey. Our little family of 10 fasted and prayed yesterday, and of course will continue to do so, for Max, and each of you. We know that faith can work miracles, and we thank you for your faith in and love for the Saviour. Our love, the Jackson’s x

  31. You are doing awesome, Max! We are continuing our prayers for your healing and am not surprised at God’s tender mercy for you, his precious child. You will heal and you already know the mission he has for you. May he continue to shine his light upon you! Hugs to you from Maryland! Mwuah!

  32. I know some of what you and your family are going through. My son was in a burn unit for nine days last year. He burned his arm and hand with gasoline. I feel your guys pain. It hurts me so much to read your post. I was there. I remember the feeling of my heart breaking for my son. Being so emotionaly raw. Then the constant worry of him not being able to use his fingers because maybe they wouldnt heal properly. Know that you will make it through this. You can do hard things and so can your son. I will continue t pray for fast healing. I love you guys even without knowing you. Im sorry

  33. My son was up there at the beginning of May for 10 days. Super scary. Best place for him to be. We’ll be praying for him down in South Utah County 🙂

  34. What a wonderful update and testimony. Praise God!!! Continuing to pray for Max’ total healing, and have asked our church prayer team to pray too. The specific prayer requests you have been giving us are very helpful in directing our prayers.

  35. Max you don’t know me but PLEASE know I am praying to Jesus for your healing. I am also asking The Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints to pray to So that all of Heaven is praying for you to come back to your family.

  36. Yesterday and today I was having a little pity party over how things just weren’t going my way… I requested my friends and family pray for a certain situation … Then I stumbled across your blog. Although my need is still a need, I am taken aback while being reminded of Gods amazing mercy, grace and healing virtue through every single word you have written here. Max, you are a vessel God is using to teach, minister and even chastise his people through. You’ve already reminded me of what our Lord is capable of… And I know we ain’t seen nothing yet. 🙂 Be strong in The Lord.

  37. Goddard family, oh how we love you! Max, you have been brilliantly made and you will be brilliantly healed. We love you and will not cease praying for you until you are perfectly restored. We pray for those who are caring directly for you now – may they couple their knowledge with God’s wisdom. God knows you perfectly and we pray no one will get in the way of His will for you. We love you. Our hearts ache with you now but know we will also rejoice with you when we are able to see God’s power made manifest through you! Thank you for who you are. With much love, the England’s.

  38. I don’t know your family, but saw this on Facebook just now. My heart is so touched to see what you are going through and to see your faith in Heavenly Father. Faith precedes miracles!!! Thank you for sharing this special time with us. Thank you for your faith and for asking us to pray for your beautiful son. Thank you for including us because it strengthens us when we pray. Thank you for sharing with us that he had a priesthood blessing. Thank you for sharing how special he is with us.

    I have been to the burn center many years ago with a family member who was burned and I know that angels – both literal and physical walk those halls. I would say that is probably one of the places on this earth where angels reside and are ready to assist at any given moment. I could not do what the nurses/doctors and others do there. They are also truly angels that walk those halls – it takes special people to be able to do what they do. May Max continue to be blessed with all he needs to heal and may you all be comforted and may you continue to see miracles in his and others’ behalf. Thank you also for sharing what the oils are doing to help and how you are using them. I love them and am part of the the company family as well. I knew they were good, but didn’t know just how good they are. I’m grateful you have shared with us so many wonderful things. May you continue to be blessed through the good and the bad times and may you feel of our love for you as you continue on this journey! Many hugs and much love from a stranger in life, but a sister in the gospel!

  39. I am holding Max and all of you in love and light. You are doing a fantastic job. Your love can be *felt* even digitally.

    I just wanted to pass on some info in case it could be of use at any point. It’s okay if it isn’t, btw, no obligation. I’m a plastic surgeon and did extensive burn work in my training. Your crew there is far more knowledgable than I, there is no doubt. Sometimes little tips that groups have developed independently can be helpful so I am putting it here.

    It sounds like your burn unit is using Sulfamylon and what an ingenious way to deliver it. Our burn unit used a Sulfamylon slurry — mix of Sulfamylon and Silvadene applied 2-4 times a day. (Sulfamylon is a fluid that dries easily and is über painful on any partial thickness burns.) (The latter isn’t an issue at present; he isn’t having pain. Sometimes it helps when patients are breathing on their own and can’t have quite as much analgesia and sedation.) This decreased the work of application, was far less painful, and caused less body heat loss. If they run into any issues with the method being used now, this would be an option. They could contact the burn unit or pharmacy (the latter compounds it) at the Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio for info. You would still be able to work in the use of the essential oils.

    This is totally just for information. Your son is doing amazingly well and you are in superb hands. All my best to your whole family.

  40. Praying for all of you and especially Max. What an amazing story so far, even though I’m sure if must feel like a nightmare at times. The fact that they’re even allowing you to use EOs is a God-incident. Praise the Lord.

  41. Dear Goddard’s,

    I heard about the big tragedy what happends to your son Max. I am so sorry and I wish I could help him and your family. I know that Max is in good hands. That the doctors and nurses do everything for his health. And I know, that the Father in Heaven is with Max and your whole family in this difficult time. I’ve send a note to all of my FBfriends with the wish to pray for Max and your whole family and I recived many feedbacks that you all are be in their prayers. I know that through our united prayers the Heavently Father can send wonders. Let Max know, that many persons are there what do praying for him. He is a fine, strong young man and I know the Lord do bless him and he’ll get the chance to serve for him one day. Please let me know how Max is doing, so I can tell my friends the news too. With kind regards from Vienna in Austria. Andrea with family

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