Flesh and Blood

We brought all the kids up and went to Sacrament Meeting at Primary Children’s Hospital. Talmage heard the prelude music and said, “This is just like our church!” He saw the stream of kids coming in with their tubes and towers. Some kids came in their red wagons. Talmage asked, “Is this a parade?”

It felt right to worship with so many who are suffering so openly. No one tries to cover up their pain. In like manner, Jesus brings out his broken flesh and blood every week for us to see. If we are willing to bring our pain to the throne of grace, our suffering can be swallowed up in His. I commit to make my chapel more like a hospital than a country club.

We ate lunch with Susan, Harrison, and all the kids. Then they left and Nat and I stayed for Max’s first dressing change since the surgery. It was rough. Two hours of peeling off bloody gauze, cleaning, and redressing. Nat described it afterwards, “I thought he was bleeding from every pore.” Dr Lewis and the nurses are so good at their jobs – Nat and I are eternally grateful.


Today’s miracles:

  • Max’s lungs look perfect – he might be able to come off the ventilator tomorrow! We can’t wait to talk to our boy again!
  • We can’t see any swelling in his face
  • The grafts are taking. Dr. Lewis said they look excellent
  • Max has his first post-op dressing behind him 🙂

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  1. I’m one of Stephanie Nielson’s readers and your story came to me through her blog. I’m praying for your wonderful Max from my home here in New York City. Sending love to all of you, and believing in miracles.

  2. I am lifting Max up in prayer tonight. May God’s peace that passes understanding surround him and your family!

  3. Every day starts with a prayer and ends with one. Max always included as well as the rest of the family. As a mother that has watched a child go through tragic events, days of pain and sadness, ups and downs, seeing the struggles that go on within faith, hope—-depression, defeat. Every day a mother witnesses the pain and agony only to be able to get on her knees before a loving Heavenly Father. God bless you, in your times of trial may you will be lifted up, in the dark nights a light be shown to you and I pray you shall have comfort and peace of mind. Put your whole trust in him as you are doing, He will not turn away. There is always a plan even though we are not privy to it until after the trial is over. One of my favorite thoughts is: “This too, shall pass”. And it will.
    There is a young woman in our town that was terribly burned, she has no hands, her feet are mostly stubs. Her body, face and head are covered in scars, she wears a scarf or a wig. She goes about her errands like anyone else. People stare, some whisper in wonder as to what happened but no one will talk to her. Why do we feel afraid to reach out, why do we feel we don’t have the confidence that God has given each one of us? This is her trial now, it may be part of your sons life, I pray not. But if it is, he can hold his head up high as she does, he can glorify the miracle God performed as she does. She lives, she breathes, she has a heart of gold and a smile that would knock stars from heaven. So tell your son, it’s not what is on the outside that matters, God has a purpose for him as well, it is his heart, his spirit, his smile, his beautiful being that will shout out the glory of God. And as it happens, my favorite essential oil lady is “Brew Gypsy”, our own Lori Parks. The world is very small Brother and Sister Goddard, so very small. The world is praying for your son and your family with full faith that he will be restored.

  4. My 8 and 12 yr old daughters and I have been following Max’s story. Each day we check for updates on Max. We are so glad he is doing well and making progress!
    We are amazed by your faith and the love of your family! Please know that even though we don’t know you – we pray for Max and his recovery! May God bless you and comfort you all during this time.

  5. My family and I continue to pray daily for Max and your family. The progress he has made is truly a miracle! God bless you!

  6. I am a reader of Peggy Smith and have been following your story. Miracle Max is doing wonders and makes my ups and downs seem very trivial. Blessings to you and your family during this trying time. Prayers for all in his wonderful progress. God is great!!!

  7. Natalie, Andy and family,
    I am so sorry for Max and all the pain and suffering he is going through and all your beautiful family is going through. Years ago my brother was seriously burned in a fire with over 85% of his body burned. A priesthood blessing helped sustain his life that was touch and go for the first week, they didn’t dare transport him to the Edmonton burn center at that time because he wouldn’t have made it. There were many added miracles of faith prayer and fasting in his behalf and the blessings of modern medicine at that time that allowed for communication and help from the burn center even though he could not be at it. He too require a great degree of skin grafting from the thighs to some of the most severely burned areas. Two date he and his wife and children are now enjoying their second grand child and many other beautiful people and things life has to offer! I hope that is encouragement for you all and Max. There were many things used along the road of my brothers recovery, like the compression shirts and gloves. One thing we did not have for Loren at that time was the use of the essential oils in the treatment of his burns. I believe Max experience and yours with the added use of essential oils in his treatment and recovery may be a great benefit to others and future burn victims. My heart and prayers continue to go out to Max and his whole family

  8. It is so edifying to read your journey the way it is without hiding feelings, reactions or hopes. Really uplifting even though this is a difficult time in your lives. It makes us appreciate ours more. Thanks!

  9. I’ve been reading and praying for Max and all of you from the beginning. I pray for healing for Max, for a closer relationship with God, in Spirit and Truth, peace for all of you, and for wisdom for the healthcare providers. Blessings from Washington State!

  10. Your quote is amazingly powerful. ” In like manner, Jesus brings out his broken flesh and blood every week for us to see. If we are willing to bring our pain to the throne of grace, our suffering can be swallowed up in His.” Thank you for your inspired and heartfelt words. “And with God nothing is impossible but we must reach and take His hand. With Him nothing is impossible those who have ears to hear wil understand.” (When Someone Cares)

  11. Sharing the journey. Knowing our prayers are answered. Dreams of comfort and knowledge. Sincerely God is good. Carrying Max and your family and carrying us all. Max is in our thoughts much of the day.
    My son, Elder James Gerlach,( see facebook), said, Nephi 2:2 my help, “Nevertheless, [Max], my firstborn in the wilderness, thou knowest the greatness of God; and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain.”…when I asked for his wisdom. This helps comforted him in retrospect, from his experience with suffering. His bilateral cleft lip and the many surgeries and missed summer moments have produced abundant fruit with Christ–charity. There must be opposition in all things he tells me, his mom, and hopes this helps us all. This is a beautiful chapter of joy if you have time to read the context. Keep fighting Max. We live our life to have our prayers heard more fully for you.
    He is praying for you all and us.

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