Every day feels like a metamorphosis, using the best of natural medicine as his skin evolves over time. During wound care, Max asked, “Do I scare people?” He wants people to be close to him. I told him, “People want to hug you, but they need you to take the lead. They may be worried that they could hurt you.”


Today, Max’s friends (Angela, David, Sierra, & Hyrum) came to visit him. Max was super excited before they came. He gave each of them a big hug when they came in. They all talked and laughed together for an hour. Max even bragged about the diamond texture of his new grafted skin.

Right after they left, he hugged Nat and started to sob. I thought he was embarrassed, that he was finally grieving for himself. Then he spoke about how sad he was about Katie’s death. “How can people be gone so fast? I didn’t even get to know her.”

Tonight, he prayed, “Thank you for the things we have learned, the things we have gained, and the things we have lost. Thank you so much for time we get to spend with loved ones. Please bless the Hancocks. Thank you for death and suffering.”

3 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. It was very good to see Max! I was probably just as excited to see him as he was to see us! He really lifts us and has helped me!

  2. I have been praying for Max since the accident. I feel so strongly that he is going to make incredible impact in his lifetime. He is wise beyond his years. Continued blessings and love wished for you all.

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