Getting Away

What a joy to get away for a couple of days with just our family! Highlights were the hike that everyone kept up on:) and the laughing after 12th Night at the Shakespeare Festival. Our family is forever changed by Max’s burns. We are still finding our way to being a family now. Sam & Max don’t fight anymore. Ben is still finding out how to be friends with Max again. Abi is back to loving and pouncing on Max most anytime. Talmage & Eliza just love. Andy & I are learning to be grateful even with the disappointments. My highlight today was a Sunday nap and chance to lay down next to Max and hold his hand and talk about life at 15 and continuing to be courageous.
I choose to believe when I turn and see his skin far from perfect next to a perfect white shirt. I choose to believe when I see the graphs on his arms that were never supposed to be there, but surprised us when his bandages were first removed from the operating room. I choose to believe when I see him light & happy especially when he’s off of any pain meds for the time being & thoroughly himself! Grateful for health, for believing, for remembering…. Grateful for today.

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