He Carries Us

A few of the miracles we saw today:
Max is off of antibiotics(turned out that positive culture was just common bacteria from his mouth)
Max’s arms are open wide to receive all the blessings that Heaven has to offer (and it will help give him keep full range of motion)
He is breathing like a champ.
Pain medications that help support Max through this most painful time of his healing as his donor skin sites begin to heal and his skin grafts take fully.

John Canaan came and sang these sweet words to Max:

Consider the lilies of the field
How they grow, how they grow
Consider the birds in the sky
How they fly, how the fly

Consider the sweet, tender children
Who must suffer on the earth
The pains of all of them he carried
From the day of his birth

He clothes the lilies of the field
He feeds the lambs in his fold
And he will feed those who trust him
And make their hearts as gold

Lots of love and prayers still flowing to keep us all safe & peaceful.
Angelic help at every turn (my sweet sister Susan, Kathy’s constant presence at every turn, Spencer, Daniel, Lorene, Rachel, Katelyn, Tiffany…)

11 thoughts on “He Carries Us”

  1. May God keep watch over all of you. My prayers are for Max to continue to amaze the world with his will to be well again.

  2. Great! I love reading about the miracles and pray every day. Are the doctors still letting you irrigate the wounds with the lavender? Modern medicine and the gifts of the earth cannot be beat!!

  3. Our hearts and prayers are drawn out to you. We have high regard for your family and pray that every miracle you have yet to receive will be yours. If there was any one set of parents who were prepared to have every tool of healing ready and knowledge of use available it is Natalie and Andy. Cheering for you both and Max!

  4. I am so glad that Max is doing so well. My prayers are with your son and your family. I testify that Heavenly Father knows us individually and has and will continue to place people in your life that will having a positive influence and bring their talents in the healing of your son. My husband and I have been going through some very difficult health issues and the tender mercies that we have been shown time after time have strengthened our testimonies of our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. Keep the faith and I know that you will all be blessed. Hugs and prayers to you and your son.

  5. I just came upon this story thru a random person on facebook. I have been going thru a lot of personal struggles and my faith in our Heavenly Father. I prayed last week for the last time as I thought, “How could you let this happen?” Right now… reading your story. Reading your words that you believe and if things don’t work out then you still believe… WOW the faith you must have. Your story reminded me that I can NOT give up. I am so glad that your son is doing better and continues to get better. I will pray again today for myself and for your family. Thank you. Thank you for your words.

  6. I am so grateful to the article I found this afternoon in the Deseret News email I received about your precious son, and all of the very touching items in it, and the link to this Blog. I am a support Missionary with FamilySearch Indexing, and will be passing this information on. As a leader of one of the teams of missionaries serving, we have seen many blessings of healing. This is one of the most wonderful blessings I have witnessed in 70 years of this earthly life. I will be praying for continued blessings and healing for you wonderful, precious son, and for the continued blessings your entire family and all of us who will be watching the outcome. May you continue to feel our prayers.

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