Miracles today:
• Checking in with Max as we approach 90 days from the fire – so much good ahead, loving our boy, grateful for the hope that comes with each new day.
• Remembering that all wounds take time to heal and there’s something magical that happens in the meantime… we are changed. I know I’m being changed to be more peaceful and patient in this process & Max is being changed every day!
• Andy took the kids to see a movie – great diversion & good times together!
• I soaked in the love at www.lds.org wow…. the messages that reached my soul were … growth comes from joyfully living the path of our Father in Heaven….. God is a god of love…. He knows of your successes… each one… even if they seem small to you….

I celebrate the small successes of sleeping precious children, a vibrant marriage, and learning to trust more in God’s plan.

Please pray for Max’s neck to extend and stretch and straighten and his wounds in armpits and neck to close up so that pain is down and he can return to school & more physical therapy.


2 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. My family and I continue to pray for Max daily. God bless you and your family. Max is an amazing person and I am very grateful to be able to be one of his friends, even when he is having a hard time he still smiles and laughs and makes others laugh. He is a wonderful person!

  2. Dear cousins. I continue to follow young Max’s progress. He is remarkable as are his parents. Sometimes, or maybe I can say often, it is the most difficult times that change our hearts and expand our understanding of life and love. Thank you for sharing this part of Max’s journey.
    Sending love to each member of your family.

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