Miracles today:
– Receiving this “hug” from our boy! Feels so good to be learning and doing life with our boy!
-I asked Max what he was thinking at one point today. I was thinking his response might be a little discouraged or disappointed or depressed. Instead he replied, “I’m so grateful for this moment with you.” I will spare you from describing the moment, but it was less than comfortable or desirable and for his mind and focus to be on gratitude is an amazing miracle to me.
-Amidst the frustration of just wanting to go home & meeting all the benchmarks and still remaining there, I am so grateful for Andy and all of our children and the family connection that we share that makes any moment apart one of longing and moments spent together so sweet!
-Grateful for sweet friends who bring hope, smiles, and distractions:)
-Grateful for the gifts of the earth (whether diffusing, doing foot soaks, or just rubbing on Max’s feet) these essential oils support Max’s mind & body so beautifully.
-Grateful to make it through our 1st dressing change all by ourselves.

Thank you for your prayers for Max’s growing appetite & a sweet return home.
– Nat

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