Max nearly jogged into the operating room today. His courage amazes me! There is nothing like dropping him off and standing outside the OR to remind me that I am not in charge, and God is! Controlling my life or my children’s lives in any way is an illusion! Grateful to feel the need to cry out for strength and support!! He came out of surgery a lot less coherent than last time. He is safe but in a lot of pain. They needed to put on a plaster cast from his chin to his chest and whole left arm to keep the healing placement of the skin graft just right. Please pray for his skin to heal on his back to heal quickly where they just took new skin to repair arm and neck. And please pray for right arm to heal where they had to cut through muscle for full release. Grateful for support from earthly and heavenly angels today!! Thank you for your prayers and love!

3 thoughts on “Jog”

  1. Whew! Do you ever wonder how much more he will have to go through? We are praying for him. Your submission to Heavenly Father’s will is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  2. I just got caught up on what has being going on in Max’s life. I am grateful that he is doing well. I am amazed by his strength to remain happy. That is not an easy feat when you are in constant pain. I have had one little skin graft taken from my thigh to cover a wound on my shin, and I know it hurts. Praying that his pain will lessen with each surgery and that the new grafts will take hold and flourish. Thank you for the reminder that we are not in charge, but Heavenly Father is. For some reason, that one is hard to remember, but I know that when I do surrender to His will, my life is better and brighter! Hugs to you and Max! Praying!!

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