Hallelujah for the miracles of today:
– Max started out the day walking laps to avoid his blood thinner shot
– Max’s last oxygen issues were miraculously resolved after a good nose blow
– Every major body function working well!
– Decrease on all meds & Max is handling very well
– Eating & swallowing well with soft foods
– Time together with Max outside
– Feeling joy for the first time in weeks. I’ve felt grateful numerous times, but just today I felt joy again as Andy walked me out to the car and we reflected on the sweet relief that Max’s progress brings and just looking forward to being together as a family again just fills my heart to overflowing!
“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”
-Joseph Campbell
We are all surviving & the joy is burning out the pain!
Praying for: an appetite & calorie intake, strength to walk tall and straight & do physical therapy, help for Mom & Dad to do wound care on our own, and our family together with Max home soon!
– Nat

7 thoughts on “Joy”

  1. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me each day. We love you and pray for you all. We rejoice in Max’s healing. Your sharing your faith is strengthening our family in our own trials. Thank you.

  2. What a fantastic photo of all 3! Max is looking incredibly great. I think back to the photos from the first day and I am amazed at how fast his body has been healing. I know you have far to go, but to see how far you’ve come Max, is really a testimony strengthner in every way! Prayers continue for you, your family and all those involved in your path to healing.

  3. Max, Im so amazed by you! your faith of your parents and yourself brings me to my knees in gratitude of Gods mercy. We send our love to you always..

  4. WOW- 31/2 weeks and Max looks amazing- you compare his first pictures after the accident, hear how he has 3rd degree burns on his face, and WOW there really isn’t any of the ‘tell tell signs’ that he is suffering of 3rd degree burns of his face- Max the Miracle absolutely!!

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