Miracles today:
-Max enjoyed fresh air & the great outdoors!
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.15.54 AM
-Max’s classmate, Katie Hancock, was in a car crash and finished her journey on earth today. If Max’s accident gave them any increased awareness or gratitude in their time together, we would call that a miracle. I don’t know why Katie went and Max stayed but I know it’s all by divine design. Oh Heaven bless her family!
-Max watched fireworks from the helipad that they life flighted him in on. So grateful to be on this end and be blessed with more time on earth together.
-Max walked all the way to the therapy gym and is rockin’ there. I’m so grateful he’s a fighter.
-Time together with the rest of our family while angel friends & family stayed with Max.

“Knowest thou not, that thou art A SPARK OF DEITY, STRUCK from the FIRE OF HIS ETERNAL BLAZE, and BROUGHT FORTH in the midst of ETERNAL BURNINGS?” John Taylor

This is my new favorite quote. I love how it confirms that it’s God who’s making us through the spark of deity that we are, and that his eternal blaze and burnings are what is bringing us forward to more of who we truly are! Love. love. love

Praying for: strong swallowing, breathing, & urinating capacity, and the cast process to go well for Max’s left arm mobility. Home on the perfect timeline. Katie Hancock’s family to be comforted.
– Nat

3 thoughts on “Katie”

  1. Good morning Goddard family, My first prayer would be for Katie’s family as Katie herself has already touched the face of God. Sweet Lord comfort her Mom, Dad and all who are in pain at the loss of their daughter/friend. Secondly, I will continue to praise Him for the amazing recovery of your Max. It is a delight to see his face. Amen!

  2. Love the picture! So glad to see a smile : )
    My prayers go out to Katie’s family and friends.
    Miracles are God’s fingerprints, He is real and so are miracles. I am grateful you’re witnessing this firsthand. Our faith makes us strong, He gives us faith.
    May God continue to bless Max and your family.

    Singing His praises,

  3. So thankful to see the photo of Max outside and enjoying some fresh air. Know he is working hard in therapy – what a trooper in this adventure in healing. We will pray for all the requests and thank God for His healing power on His timeline. Love you all and thankful for the friends and family who are close there to support you. Please know you are all in our prayers daily. We will be praying for Katie’s family in this time of grief and pray their memories of Katie and their years together will comfort them. Aunt DiAne and Uncle Jeff

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