Let’s unite in faith

Max’s swelling continues to improve!

Thank you in advance for all those joining us in fasting for Max that 1) he will be able to breathe on his own, 2) his bowels will start functioning, and 3) his skin will heal: http://goo.gl/NWZD6U

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  1. My family and I are continuing to pray! God is an amazing God and has already brought many blessings, I Know HE will continue to use Max and your family for amazing things! Sending our love and prayers!

  2. We’re fasting for Max from idaho as well as our missionary serving in Colorado joining us. May God’s heeling light continue to fill your family and Max

  3. I don’t know your family, but I know that our Heavenly Father works great miracles and He is mindful of your son. Max and you will be in my prayers. Please keep us updated on Max’s progress. How old is he? I pray his pain will be taken away and he can rest and heal. God bless and comfort you.❀️

  4. Thank you for sharing your story publicly. My prayers are with you and your family and Max. Jesus is the ultimate healer and I pray for His loving touch on Max.

  5. Our God is an awesome God and I am believing with you all that he will be completely healed! Our God can do ALL things. I will not put limits on him with how far he wants to take the healing. I am praying for Max and for all of you! Myself and my family will be fasting and praying for Max over the next few months!

  6. Our whole family will be fasting and praying tomorrow. Including our children 8 yrs old and up.
    The miracles will keep coming!

  7. An amazing story so far. I have said many prayers for this family, and am so thankful to God for hearing our prayers and showing His love and care in the midst of their suffering. I anticipate a happy ending. “All things work together for good…”

  8. We are also praying and fasting for Max, and maybe you have already thought of it, but what about diffusing oils as well as the topical applications for him? Diffusing could and would also help the staff that come & go into his room-
    sending our love and prayers to ALL of you, and especially Max – SHERI

  9. Thank you for sharing all of these details. We love your family and will continue to pray for a fast recovery for dear Max.

  10. I am praying for Max and know that God has provided us with these amazing oils for us to use and heal us. I believe in miracles and know God will heal Max πŸ™‚ May Angels be there to comfort, guide and heal you and during this time ~^~ Love, Suzanne

  11. Jeremiah 29:11

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, β€œplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    Dear Goddard family. Our family is claiming this verse in prayer and fasting for your precious son, Max.

    1. I agree. God’s promises do not turn void. He is faithful. We will join in faith, fasting, and prayer. Bless Max and your sweet family!

  12. We heard about the accident and are fasting and praying for Max too. Sending our love and concern!

  13. My family joined in prayer this evening, tears for Max, faith for healing, prayers for the spirit to overcome the body, thanks for the opportunity to unite with those who love and admire Max!

  14. We keep Max and your family in our fasting and prayers. In the darkest moments remember the testimony of Job, ” I know that thou canst do every thing … Things too wonderful fo me, which I knew not” ( Job 42:2-3). Keep looking up.

  15. Our little family will be fasting on Ogden. May Heaven’s loving arms continue to surround you ❀️

  16. Fasting and prayers coming from my extended the company family and other family and friends.
    So VERY grateful to know of Christ’s knowing of our every need and his continued hand in our lives, in yours, in Max’s.
    Our Love and Great Respect to you!

  17. “Let go and let God” has helped me to stay strong in my faith to overcome many troubles. None compair to your struggle.
    I pray for health and joy for your son, and strength for your family. May my burning candle in Europe bring you blessings in every way.
    God bless.

  18. I don’t know you, but heard about Max’s accident on Facebook. I am praying for him. I’m fasting for another friend’s son today, who was injured in an awful car accident. I will combine my prayers today for Max also. May the Lord bless these two young men, with healing and may they be able to make a full recovery and go on to serve many ‘missions’ in their lives.

  19. I read your story today and my thoughts and prayers are with max and you all..im so glad he is ok and that u all had been home with no distractions to help max so quickly. My prayers continue god bless you all.

  20. Our family continues to hold Max and your family in high prayer!
    My Son is very involved with Centers For Spiritual Living and has put out a prayer request to the ‘Prayer Warriors’…all over the world to hold Max and your family in prayer!
    SO IT IS!

  21. Our family is joining you in fasting for Max, your family and the medical staff at the U of U.
    Keep in mind: “While some miracles take time, the impossible takes a little longer”(By Art Berg)
    Love, prayers and an undaunted faith goes out to you!

    Patricia Huhem and family from American Heritage School

  22. My family are fasting and praying for Max and the whole Goddard family. I have faith that things will continue to improve. Natalie and Andy… you two are some of the most Christ like people I know, Thank you for your example. I know you’re being watched over πŸ™‚

  23. I am praying for Max to have a full and speedy recovery and for miracles and tender mercies to continue for him and his family.

  24. Andy you were just a teenager when we met you in Alabama. Oh how we loved you and your family. Now we want you to know even though we don’t know your son we love him too and have fasted and prayed for him today and will continue to. We know The Lord will help you through this.
    Court and janae Naumann

  25. Dear Goddard family,
    We are humbled at your tragedy but we rejoice in the miracles our Father has given you.
    The Hollist family joined your fast and have been praying for Max and you all since we heard about the accident.
    May I share a personal story with you? As you may know, our son had an accident that resulted in a 2-month hospital ordeal and many surgeries. We left the hospital with our son unable to walk. Months passed. We prayed and fasted and waited for the possible prescribed solution, and prayed and fasted and searched and waited for any solution. As I pondered the Lord’s time table and what more I could do, the idea of “looking forward with an eye of faith” and “seeing with an eye of faith” came to me. I began to envision the solution, creating the living scenes, the people, the rooms, the surgeons, whenever and wherever I could – laying in bed, in a dark closet..I encouraged my son to do the same.
    It was mental and emotional work. The process unfolded in my mind’s eye. I viewed the decisions, saw the actions and felt the emotions of the participants leading to my son’s healing. I envisioned his affected areas repairing themselves.
    Soon, very soon, not only one, but many possible solutions overwhelmed us. I felt the response to this “exercise” of faith was incredible!
    As I pray for Max, I will look forward with an eye of faith seeing him breathe on his own, his bowels functioning properly, and his skin growing back.
    Max, our hope and our desires for a full and faith-filled recovery are with you.

  26. I just read your comment for July 15th – today. I wanted to share an experience I had when I walked into Primary Children’s Hospital when my niece was very ill a couple of years ago – I bear testimony to you that the Savior walks those halls and is there to comfort, care and love those children who are there (and I’m positive he is at the U of U and so many other hospitals). I can’t share how I know – but I can tell you I know he does. May you continue to be comforted and blessed during this difficult time and know that you will be strengthened beyond your imagination when you are through this time of great trial in your life. πŸ™‚ Much Love to you all! Prayers continue for Max, his doctors and your darling family. Thank you for continuing to share your journey.

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