I love Sundays.
A break from the cares of the typical day.
Today Max talked to Mason and I could tell he felt so loved as he reached out to help his little brothers and sisters and just moved quickly around the house to help prepare meals or serve. It was such a joy to be a part of. Even when he snuck away to scare his siblings it felt so good to have him just being his self and they would get scared and then just giggle together. It’s amazing how the love of one person can make such a difference and I’m so grateful for so many that show love to Max especially in the season of stretching for him.
Feels like additional surgery or surgeries will be necessary, but for today we are just grateful to be a family and be learning and growing together and hopefully becoming more of who we really are and doing more of what we came to do. That one thing is enough today:)
– Nat

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