March – July

March 22
I’m doing very well and enjoying the work. One of the people we are teaching is praying and reading but struggles to come to church because her son doesn’t like it. We plan to set up ¨play dates¨ with other families to help her son feel involved and enjoy church attendance. A friend of the church is less well, we have not been able to contact her recently, her mother is increasingly closed and she is no longer spending much time with the 3 recent convert friends she has. The member who became friends with her  mom has moved 2 hours north and we now have almost no contact with him. It has been a hard week but we are excited for tomorrow because we will have two other sets of missionaries in our sector to help us contact and find new people to teach. I am so happy you were able to include Sam and Ben so well into the family studies, I have been praying for you all and will continue to do so.
I like the sound of the book, I too have found that having questions and finding my own answers is much more fulfilling than simply looking up the answers.
Thanks for all the pictures, looks like the house is progressing a lot and you guys look happier and bigger than ever.
I love you Lots,
Elder Goddard

April 26
Hi Family,
This week has been great, I began training one of the missionaries to be the new secretary and really enjoyed talking about our missions. It has been a great week, we found a few new people to teach and are excited to see their progress. We are working with a few less active families and have seen same great progress and eye-openers with them, many struggle to understand the importance of 3 basic gospel principles; Attending church, Studying the Scriptures and Praying daily. Serving these people has reinforced my testimony of these principles.
Remember to study the scriptures as family and individually.
I love you guys and pray for you,
Elder Goddard


May 27
Dear Family,
I am doing very well, I feel peaceful and excited about the upcoming transfers. The people in teaching are doing very well. One of them was baptized on Saturday and in a miraculous surprise, a young man we met on only last Friday already has baptismal date for July.

I am glad that you are able to share the gospel with others as they ask about me and you, every member a missionary. Thank you for the support and love.

I am excited to be with my new companion and develop our relationship as well as my relationship with my new district and zone. I hope to help others receive healing as well.

Thank you for sharing about your experiences with resistance, I trust that these coming transfers will bring great opportunities to climb another mountain and help others in their climb as well.

I will finish the strongest I can this last week.
Love you all,
Elder Goddard

My new area is great as well as my new companion. There are many members here and many are very involved in the missionary work. My companion is from Washington Utah and is the oldest of 4. He is intelligent, well organized, and focused even though he will finish the mission this next transfer. We are excited to work hard here, especially with the youth.
So glad to hear that Sam is well and is having success in tennis.
Happy to hear that Leo had a good experience with the dentist and is understanding the importance of dental health.
Elder Goddard

My companion and I are doing well, sorry I can´t call. I tried using a few computers and headphones but the cyber here is not of great quality. No worries, the important thing is that we can communicate.

This week we had an excellent and brief lesson with some friends of the church. We talked about what prayer is for them and how they can and should study and pray together and as a family. We met with Venezuelans and though we thought we had a great lesson with good commitment and verification, none of them came to church.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to use the puppets and puzzles I have to help a child maintain reverence in the sacrament meeting, due to some lack of preparation and noise it was difficult to focus. But I still greatly enjoyed partaking of the sacrament and likening the talks to my life. We had an excellent Bishopric organized meeting for the 5th Sunday in which we talked about 3 ways in which we can make the meetings more reverent and invite the spirit. I am glad our bishopric is focused and working well.
Thank you for the pictures of  the family and friends, it is wonderful to see you all so happy and together.

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