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In October of 2011, Natalie was taking the lid off a pan and scalded her hand. She ran it under cold water. It was Max who came to the rescue with natural solutions, which took the pain and redness away almost immediately. While she lay down and rested, Max drew her this picture:


We found a scan of this drawing yesterday. Notice how the living/green side is overtaking the scalded side of the hand. We are so humbled by Max’s wise and caring nature.

Today has been a day of many joys and sorrows. The doctors are confident that the dead skin must be removed and replaced with skin grafts from Max’s other good skin. As a mother, my heart cries out for the perfection to come back to the perfect little boy I bore into this world.

I plead with Heaven to heal the skin on his hands, his neck, and torso. But if not, we will believe still. He will heal still. Oh have mercy, and send us healing and peace.

Max goes in surgery tomorrow at 10 am. We ask for your faith that his surgeon, Dr. Lewis, will be guided.

Thank you in advance. We feel your prayers and your love.

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  1. Sending many prayers and healing thoughts for your sweet Max. Your faith is an inspiration to all. As a mother, my heart aches for what you are going through, and I pray for continued strength and peace for you and your family as your miracle Max heals and makes a full recovery. Blessings and love to you all! ❤️

  2. We are praying for Max’s healing and for the glory of God to be shown to you every day!

    Phil. 4: 6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

    7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

  3. I followed the link from Stephanie Neilson’s blog to your site and read about Max. I just wanted to share with you that we will be praying for Max over the days and weeks ahead! Our granddaughter had a serious illness during the last year and we felt the healing power of prayers from prayer warriors around the country. She is healing and getting back to living at this time. We know that through the presence of Jesus and the power of God Max will come to the same point of reclaiming his life in the days ahead. We will continue to pray for his recovery and a bright future.

  4. Natalie and Andy – thank you for sharing this experience with all of us. My mother was severely burned from her blouse catching on fire while cooking. She was 7 months pregnant with me. Neither of us were to survive. I am named after her and am now 52 (in a couple weeks). She had skin grafts so always wore long sleeves and long pants, but was perfect in spirit and ability. She was an inspiration to many and her Faith gave many strength. My heart aches for you and the ordeal you face with your precious son. He, and his loved ones, will be in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to counting more miracles with you. God bless you all.

  5. Sending our prayers & love! Dr Lewis will not be alone – many expert angel surgeons & nurses will attend. Praying for a day of miracle surgeries for Miracle Max!

  6. Darling Goddard Family…please know my prayers are with you! You don’t know me, but I am a friend and neighbor of the Bowman’s. I can’t imagine going through something like this, but your faith in our precious Father and His Son is so inspiring. He is the One we go to and I am asking His favor for you all as well. May He continue to wrap His loving arms around you as you pass through this journey. Standing with you in the knowledge of His healing miracles, Chris

  7. We pray for you every day here in Ogden- we are cousins of Catherine Bigelow from school. Kate (5) speaks of Max often and Nicole (8) completed her very first fast for Max last Sunday. We love you, Max! Sending positive energy your way ❤️

  8. I first heard about Max through Stephen Palmer. I begin to pray for Max that day. The following day my son called to tell me he couldn’t walk after being on the beach for 7 hours and forgetting the sunscreen on his feet. I know that his injuries are nothing like what Max has sustained but my heart goes out to Natalie as I know how hard it is to see our children suffer. I will continue to pray for Max and your family. Specifically that Max will have complete healing that he may go forward as witness of Heavenly Father.

  9. Our continued support and prayers are with “Miracle Max” and your family! He is such a great kid! We hope his surgery goes well today!

  10. Our family’s prayers are with Max, your family, Dr. Lewis and the entire team working with you. We are trusting God for Max’s complete and miraculous healing.

  11. I once had a doctor tell me, “Faith, prayer, and Heavenly Father help guide us and you.” I was grateful for the humility of this brilliant doctor in recognizing a higher power. We pray that your doctor will use his knowledge and skills, along with faith and prayer, as he operates on Max and is guided to the best approach. The faith of your family is truly amazing and provides a beacon of hope for anyone who is suffering. Thanks for your wonderful examples and your humble willingness to rely on the Lord come what may. You are an inspiration to all!

  12. Bless your sweet sweet family and your amazing little Max! Our little man was burned at 14 months old over 50% of his body the majority being 3rd degree. He is now 9 and a walking miracle. Anyone that meets him would have no idea that he was burned unless he showed him his burn areas. I can tell you guys are amazing parents doing the best you can for your little man by getting those oils on him. They work miracles!! I know how hard it can be to watch your child suffer in such a way and the emotional roller coaster it will send you on. Our prayers are with Max on his road to recovery and with you for comfort and peace through this hard time!

  13. last summer our son 12 year old son had an accident that sent our life into a whirlwind. i know i felt prayers of family, friends, and strangers. our family gained the knowledge that miracles are real! prayers being sent to your beautiful family.

  14. Blessings and prayers. We don’t know each other but my heart goes out. Heavenly Father is good and gracious, His protecting comfort will come to those who ask.

  15. I am Quinn’s sister in law’s sister, Amber. I heard about Max through my mom who also uses doTETRA. The moment my husband and I heard I started praying. Saturday night my husband and I hold a bible study at our home, during the prayer time we all prayed for your little boy and your family. God is our Great Physician and He will be with your son, his doctors and the other staff during his surgery. He will guide and direct them through it. I have faith and trust He is faithful. We will continue to pray for Max and your sweet family.

    In His hands,

  16. God is Good my husband and I were at the Kansas City Missouri Temple doing his Aunt Norma work so she could be sealed to her husband Richard and I put Max on the prayer roll . May God hold you in His loving hands forever I know Miracle Max will heal in God good time and in His way love you my Goddard Family

  17. Dr. Lewis is one of the best drs in the burn unit. She did surgery on my son a year ago and his hand has never looked better. I’m so glad she is your Dr. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  18. Many blessings on Max as well as the whole family of Natalie and Andy Goddard.
    We are adding our prayers to the many. Sometimes the suffering we go through refines us and makes us better than we could be without it. Thanks for posting progress as our hearts are with you.

    Dean and Kathie

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