We are so grateful for the progress we see today:

  • Max’s bowels worked for the first time today since the accident!
  • His chemistry was all within range
  • The x-ray of Max’s chest is looking better – his fluids have come down

We thank a loving Father for the incredible staff here, for the gifts of the earth, for modern medicine, and for the power of prayer.

Thank you for all your continued prayers that:

  1. His lungs continue to clear
  2. His skin continues to heal

27 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Yayy!! Answers to prayers. Thank you for continuing to post updates. We pray for desired blessings multiple times a day, as well as for you as his parents to be blessed with strength and comfort, and angles to bear you up.

  2. Always in the Thompson’s prayers…KNOW that we are all out there holding hands in prayer for your family…Fear not ever, we are there for you!!

  3. AWESOME! I hope you are chronicalling this with photos also! Prayers and great care are key to healing. My prayers are with you ALL.
    God bless and take care

  4. Prayers you have, faith, I have. I, too, believe in miracles, essential oils and silver. And this is true, this may be his mission. I hope that in time he will be able to reveal things unheard. So thankful for the Priesthood, for natural things of the earth that can help in healing and for your story. God bless this young man and this courageous family. I pray in His name, Amen

  5. We continue to pray for Max and ALL who touch him that they will be lead by The Lord and be filled with wisdom! Strength for Max and all the family!

    Please send my love to Max .
    I continue my prayers for your whole family.
    Andy, Natalie, I love you from the bottom of my heart.
    You are AMAZING .

  7. The little prayer foci are great targets to see. You have a wall of prayer rising. Bless The Lord for his mercy and His very present help in time of trouble. Standing with you, in the Spirit.

  8. Sweet Natalie! Our hearts have been heavy and so prayerful too, as we have learned about Max’s accident and serious burns. We are so relieved to hear of the miracles and progress he is making. We will pray specifically for his lungs and his skin–and for your emotional strength to endure such a trial.
    With Love,
    Karen Scott

  9. Natalie, Andy, Max and all the family,
    We continue to pray for you all and so thankful for updates and Max’s progress. Believe God is sovereign and in control of Max’s life. Will pray for clearing of fluid from lungs and for healing of the skin without infection.
    We love you and pray for strength, rest and wisdom for you all!

  10. My son Alex Hill is in Max’s class. He has been so worried. Alex wants Max to know he has fasted for him and continues to pray for him. He sends his love. We all do! The Hill family

  11. We continue to pray for all of you! Also, just a thought. I don’t know much about this, but I do know Aloe Vera plant (cut the plants open and bandage the inside gel facing to the skin) works wonders on burns. I do not know if it is too soon to do that, but I used it on a third degree burn and I have no scar at all now. That being said it was only 2 inches in length, but it was down to the muscle. Perhaps worth checking into at some point? Just thought I would mention that. Hang in there and let us know if we can help in anyway at all! We love all of you.

  12. So amazed how far he has come.. I pray for your son and know our Heavenly Father heard our prayers for a fast recovery.. Hugs

  13. Just hearing about this and thankful that Max continues to be blessed by God and blessed to have you and Andy there with your knowledge, resources and love. What a true testament to what the oils can accomplish. Thank God for essential oils. Continuing to pray for you all and sending out virtual hugs! Vickie from Virginia.

  14. Please know that The Hollist Family in GA joined your fast and we have been praying for Max and you all since we heard about the accident. I feel that The Lord is working to heal many through Max as he did through our son. It seems that with so many miracles to bring Max this far, that The Lord has great plans for Max to yet influence His children for good. I hope you feel of the Lord’s constant peace as so many exercise faith in your behalf. We love you.
    The Hollist Horde

  15. Still praying and envisioning the healing that you are asking for and knowing that Max will be healed and so much closer to God through this trial.

  16. . . . Continuing to pray for the Goddard family, specifically Max’s lungs and skin. Envisioning healthy lungs and healed skin. Thanking God for the miracles that just keep on coming!!! So much love to you all!!

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