Sam and Abi

Miracles of this week:

• Max made it through his first week of school – part time but full on!
• His range of motion continues to increase. His right arm can get to 160 degrees, which is “full range”!! Three hrs/day is our target for therapy – we’re grateful for great supports (Mindy & Mark).
• Today was Sam’s birthday. Max gave some of his own gifts, and told him how grateful he was for Sam’s help during this time (babysitting during wound care, helping with meals, cleaning, etc.). They have grown so much closer!
• When Max first came home from the hospital, Abi wouldn’t come near him. We would hold her up to him for a hug, and she would push away. Max didn’t seem to mind. He would talk to her, rub her curls, and snuggle with her. Today in church, Abi sat on his lap all through sacrament meeting. Now, when he comes home from school, she runs up to him, shouts, “Macky!” and gives him a big hug. It’s so sweet to see them reconnect!


Thank you for joining us as we continue to pray for his wounds to close, scarring to decrease, and for him to be able to turn his head.

2 thoughts on “Sam and Abi”

  1. I can’t thank you enough for opening up your home and hearts to us throughout this journey! Peace, comfort, inspiration, strength, and power have been just some of the emotions you have stirred within us. I am grateful for the wisdom each of you have shared! You have been surrounded by tender mercies and brought to light what we can see in our own lives. I missed an opportunity to thank Max personally on the first day of school when he and his friends stood behind my husband and I as the cannon went off (we love that tradition). As we drove away, I realized that I had missed that moment. I pray for another one, if not, consider this message as my personal love and gratitude for each of you!

  2. Such a sweet moment and picture; it did my heart good. I’m so glad things continue to move forward positively. May you continue to be blessed.

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