Thank You

Max & Andy did wound care on their own last night while I escaped on a get away.
I returned today and found Max beaming from school & physical therapy.
He taught me lessons from his physical therapy session- he then went on to teach me EFT (that I had tried to teach him countless times) and then said, “I used to think that was just fluffy but there’s actual research to support what you’ve taught me.” Win! Then I heard him singing through his wound care. Amazing boy! Amazing grace!

Thank you Heavenly Father!
Thank each of you! you know who you are.
Thank you for every prayer.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you for your cards & gifts.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
We are very aware that Max reaching this goal is a massive miracle! Thank you for being a part of it. #miracleshappen #everyprayer

We are the richest people in the world to be given the gift of so much love & healing! All our love, Natalie, Andy & Max

5 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. It is a blessing to pray on your behalf! It is a blessing to see God at work! Thank you for sharing your miracles, and miracle boy!

  2. Thank you for sharing Max’s progress with us during this whole ordeal. It’s been a privilege to pray and send you love thoughts. May your boy continue to heal on every level; I still think he will use this experience in a mighty way to bless others some day.

  3. Thank you for allowing us to journey part of the way with you and for allowing us to cry and cheer as you share those personal moments.
    Thank YOU. X
    Max, you are a wonder. We wish you all the very best xxx

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