Week 4

I woke up this morning (like most mornings) to the beautiful sound of anti-cloud fireworks (an old Mexican superstition) and realized I had forgotten to mention it in my emails. The Mexican people have a superstition that aerial fireworks scare way clouds (especially when set off at extremely inconvenient hours) and so love to set off plenty when it begins to look cloudy or even when the sky is clear (just to be safe). So about every 2-3 hours they’ll set off several very large aerial fireworks and of course when it starts raining they set off several more before giving up. It’s actually quite enjoyable when it happens during class time as you can watch fireworks displays through the window almost daily. The scary thing is when you hear something that sounds very similar to fireworks but its a bit more sharp and you can’t see any fireworks. That’s only happened 4-5 times but one time we heard what was most certainly a shootout which lasted for several minutes, fortunately the CCM is surrounded by 10 foot walls topped with barbed wire and we’re on the Lords mission. Anyways, enough about fireworks and gunfights.

My Spanish is coming along really well and our practice lessons are improving immensely. About 150 new missionaries got here Tuesday and its strange to see them around. I feel so much older than them even though most of them are older than me, hearing their Spanish has really helped me to realize how far we have come since week 1. The gift of tongues is definitely real and at work here in the CCM. I’m getting along really well with my comp.

I also realized that I haven’t told you about my district much yet. Our President is Davis and his comp is Elder Martin, then there’s Elder Wilhelmsen (which is a really difficult name to pronounce if your native Spanish speaking) his comp is Elder Spencer who is a few years older than us but it’s really cool that he chose to come out here and serve despite that. We have two hermanas in our district Hermana Ballard (no she’s not related to the famous one) and Hermana Larsen (and of course me and my comp.).

For anybody who is considering going on a mission, I plead with you to do so. I’ve only been here for 3 weeks and have already grown and become closer to God than I imagined was possible. I have realized my complete dependence on Him for all that I am and can be. I know I’m young missionwise as I haven’t even left the MTC but from what I do know I can promise you that your mission will the most fun, difficult, wonderful, improving experience of your life.

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