Week 5 – Prayer Request for My Companion


We watched Elder Hales’ funeral last week. And this was an interesting week. On Monday we had an amazing devotional given by President Bennet and his wife about the plan of Salvation and how sacred the temple ordinances are. They bore their testimonies and we all felt the Spirit really strong.



I got the pumpkin pie my parents sent on Tuesday and we had a party and ate it for breakfast yesterday.

Me and Elder Christopherson got to leave the compound (CCM) because he had to get a blood sample taken, he has had unusually high blood pressure ever since we got here. We got back and had an amazing devotional broadcast from the Provo MTC. Wednesday was going great until we went to the Infermaria just before dinner to get the results from the test. Elder Pugmire (the head doctor here) said that the tests were perfect and that the high blood pressure was not causing any problems with his organs but that because the blood pressure has not returned to normal even after taking medication once then twice daily he would likely have to return home until he could get the blood pressure problem under control. I have started fasting for him and I invite you to include him in your prayers. He is an amazing missionary with a powerful testimony and a great desire to serve. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Love you all and encourage you to choose to serve a mission if you are of age, it will bless your life tremendously.

Elder Goddard

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